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David Nightingale

Growing up on a small farm in northern Victoria, veganism was the furthest thing from my mind, other than being something I couldn’t spell. I thought the idea of it sounded ridiculous. I was well indoctrinated into the idea that animals are a commodity.

At age 19 I went vegetarian for my health, and a couple of years later while doing research into vegetarianism I stumbled across information about veganism. The more I read the more it made sense, and I started putting it into play.

I didn’t know any other vegans at the time and wouldn’t for a long time, until I become part of the community many years later. I realise now it was silly but I was ashamed to call myself vegan at the time, and even though I lived the life I never called myself one, but I spent my days happily learning the ins and outs of my new life.

My health improved and I became fitter and stronger than I ever thought I could be. And I was happy. Now, many years later I feel at home and very comfortable with my choices, and relish the vegan community that I have joined. I now work as a career firefighter with a passion for the kitchen. I hope my recipes that I share will help you to embrace and enjoy your choice to live a compassionate life.

19 Recipes by David

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

This is a veganised version of a traditional gelati recipe that uses aquafaba instead of egg whites.

Gado Gado Green Papaya Salad


This delish dish is a fantastic seasonal salad, easily made with the left over veggies in your fridge!

Gluten Free Soft Wraps made with Plantains


Perfect for making tortillas, they are made with plantains which give them such a great softness and flexibility, so they can fold and wrap around salad or beans or whatever you are cooking! David's food journal:

BLT + Special Vegan Bacon Recipe

Rice paper bacon is where it is at! This new recipe is unbelievable, it tastes exactly like the real thing!

Chocolate Mousse

This is absolutely mouth watering with crushed maple almonds and fried bananas on top! Plus this really is easy to make! David's food journal

Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Volcano Cake


Impress your friends with this rich gooey cake! David's food journal

Cinnamon-Oat Waffles

And in the morning... I'm making waffles! David's food journal

The Humble Baked Potato

This is an all time favourite in many houses, including my own. They are great because you can fill them with whatever is left in the fridge... Well most things in the fridge... David's food journal


Pancakes!! David's food journal:

Roasted Maple Cinnamon Chickpeas

Very easy and so tasty.