About Vegan Easy

Vegan Easy is a grassroots campaign which promotes veganism as the ethical, rational, and earth friendly lifestyle that it is.

Through our 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge, social media channels and outreach we have helped hundreds of thousands of people open their hearts and minds to veganism as a simple and effective choice they can make to save the lives of animals, live healthily and lighten their eco-footprint.

For nearly a decade our 30 Day Challenge has supported and motivated new vegans by showing how easy and delicious vegan food can be, while providing free help and resources to people on their journey towards veganism. We have distributed hundreds of thousands of postcards, booklets and leaflets to the public and carry out regular outreach events.

We provide an abundance of resources including:


Vegan Easy is an initiative of Animal Liberation Victoria.

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Vegan Easy relies on donations to continue our outreach to the wider public.