Exceed your health and fitness goals with our nutritionist accredited meal plans tailored to Strength, Endurance or Wellbeing.

More and more athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who simply want to look after their health are discovering the positive benefits of plant-based eating (no animal products) to fuel their bodies’ nutritional requirements.

If you’re new to preparing and eating plant-based meals or purely looking for recipe inspiration, we’ve created three x 7-day vegan meal plans with Accredited Sports Nutritionist, Caitlin Arnold of Plant Forged Physique.

The plans are specifically targeted to help anyone who wants to build muscle and strength, fuel endurance or aid with wellbeing and fat loss. Follow them for 7 days and use them as a guide to help build your own long-term plans depending on your fitness goals.


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 Important notes before you get started:

  • We recommend using a food scale to weigh ingredients when making the recipes. It’s a fairly inexpensive item to purchase and a useful addition in your kitchen. If you’re not using a food scale we have provided measurements in cups and spoons where applicable, however this process is less accurate than using a food scale. Note: the cups and spoons measurements are based on the metric system.

  • For convenience we’ve included canned beans in recipes where beans are listed as an ingredient. However, you can also soak and cook your beans with a little planning ahead of time.

  • Where soy protein powder is listed as an ingredient, it can be subbed for any brand of plant protein powder, however, we recommend using soy powder. This is because soy proteins contain all 9 essential amino acids, and typically have a higher leucine content (an amino acid vital in muscle-building). If you have a soy allergy, choose a protein made up of a rice and pea blend.


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