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San Choi Bau

This amazing San Choi Bau will enlighten your taste buds to a whole world of vegan Chinese flavours. Makes 5

Warming Winter Stew

A perfect filling stew for those cold winter days. Serves 4


Best served alongside roasted veggies with gravy and a green salad. Makes one big lasagne!

Toasted Pepita Salad

A fresh green salad, tossed with avo, cherry tomatoes, and topped with toasted pepitas to finish

Kids Corn Fritters

This is 10 minute recipe and is great to get the kids into the kitchen (tried and tested!). Perfect with a side of with avocado or tomato relish.

Mushroom Mac & Cheese

Deliciously creamy and thick. This is the tastiest Mac'n'Cheese recipe ever!

One Hour Kim Chi

Kim Chi is a traditional Korean side dish and has been enjoyed for centuries. There are many variations and chilli strengths and this is what creates such unique and inspiring dishes. If you like it sweeter try adding more apple and less chilli, you can experiment with cucumber and pear too. This will keep in the fridge in a glass jar for a few weeks.

Creamy Zucchini Soup


This four ingredient soup is perfect for a cold winter's day. So simple and easy to make, and will impress the fussiest omnivores.

Momo’s Chilli Sliders

This recipe is a real meaty punch in the face.  

Elderflower Icy Poles

These are so delicious and refreshing. My daughter helped me make these by cutting up the fruit, making it a fun afternoon activity for both of us! You can experiment with various juice bases and berries for different flavours- Yum!