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Szechuan Green Beans

If you love green beans, be sure to save this recipe by the incredible Woon Heng!

Golden Spring Rolls

Who doesn't love crispy golden spring rolls? Try out this fabulous recipe by Woon Heng.

Thai Basil Fried Rice

Fragrant Thai Basil Fried Rice is always a winner! Recipe by Woon Heng.

Tofu BBQ Rice

This Chinese inspired Tofu BBQ Rice by Woon Heng is absolutely MOUTHWATERING!

Crispy Bottom Veggie Buns

Crispy bottom Veggie Buns made with a simple no yeast dough & filled with crunchy green beans. Recipe by the amazing Woon Heng.

Creamy Coconut Soup

This delicious Creamy Coconut Soup by Woon Heng is the perfect winter dinner.

Raw Blueberry and Cardamom Cheesecake

This raw cake is super creamy and the flavor of the filling is so fresh and so delicious!

Vegan Broccolini and Kale Tart

Super delicious and comforting tart, you can use any kind of veggie you want, i love broccolini and kale combination! This tart is really easy to make and really versatile.

Jam Filled Shortbread Cookies

These cookies are so delicious and filled with homemade raspberry-chia jam!

Irish Coffee Cheesecake

This adults vegan cheese cake is so delicious, not too sweet and super easy to make!