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vEEF Wellington

Chef Santiago of Fenn Foods has created this amazing vEEF Wellington perfect for your Christmas table that will surely impress your family.


Delicious traditional baked pasta dish with a juicy vegan mince and creamy béchamel sauce, a classic in Greek cuisine!

Epic Donut Stack

"The best option for an outdoor birthday party, no sharp knife or plates required! Oil free, gluten free, baked and not fried, they are a much healthier option. These were loved by the kids and adults alike. Warning, have some extra chocolate sauce on hand as it’s delicious!"  ~ Rebecca

Creamy One-Pot Red Curry Protein Pasta

You’ll love this easy to prepare tasty pasta dish that you can adjust by adding more veggies or other kinds that you like. Recipe by Michelle.



"This tiramisu recipe is modeled on a classic version. Because vegan savoiardi biscuits aren’t yet on the market, you can substitute with slices of vegan cake to soak up the coffee. But to save time, a store-bought, plain, sweet vegan biscuit will do the trick, like Nice or arrowroot biscuits (you can also choose gluten free versions). Aquafaba (chickpea brine) will substitute egg whites, so you will need a stand mixer or hand-held electric beaters. This makes one large tiramisu or you may like to serve in individual glasses. This is best made a day ahead." ~ Nadia

Spaghetti Carbonara

“A classic Roman dish traditionally made with pancetta or guanciale and egg yolks – we’re taking it to new vegan heights. This recipe uses two types of tofu, liquid smoke and black salt as a creative stand-in for pancetta and egg. If you haven’t come across any of these ingredients, they are about to change your culinary world and worth taking the time to source. You can purchase black salt (kala namak) at Indian grocery stores or gourmet grocery stores and liquid smoke at gourmet grocery stores.” ~ Nadia

Olive Oil Lemon Cake

“Homemade Italian cakes are often simple and plain - perfect to enjoy any time of the day, especially breakfast! This version uses olive oil to create a moist cake and uses only a few pantry staples. And, better yet, no eggs required. If you would prefer a neutral flavoured oil, replace the olive oil with light olive oil, sunflower or rice bran oil. This is my go-to cake and I hope it can be yours too.” ~ Nadia

Polpette With Pomodoro Sauce (Vegan Meatballs)

“Polpette (meatballs) are traditionally made with ground meat. Of course, you could use a store-bought vegan mince, but I love the rich and meaty texture of walnuts. Not only are these polpette simple to make, they’re also nutritious and oil-free. If you’d like this to be a completely oil-free dish, cook the garlic in the passata instead of frying in oil beforehand. You will need a food processor or high-powered blender. You can purchase liquid smoke at most gourmet grocers and vegan food stores.” ~ Nadia

Vegan Lemon Tahini Pasta Salad

A delicious pasta salad with garden-fresh veggies tossed in a smooth lemon tahini dressing.

Fluffy Steamed Blueberry Yeast Bread

Lenny of Vegamelon has created a fun steamed bread, which is a “take on mantou, a traditional Chinese steamed bread that’s typically shaped as buns.”