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Christmas Breakfast Tiramisu


A quick and easy to prepare Tiramisu for a special Christmas breakfast, or as a treat any time of year!

Easy Soybean Mash with Salad on Crispbread

This nutritious soybean mash is easy to make with only 6 ingredients. Serve on crispbread or as a sandwich with your chosen salad ingredients.

Vegan Chocolate Soy Crisp ‘Crackles’

A fun, chocolatey, crispy snack that's refined sugar free and easy to make.

Vegan Thai Salad with Tofu & Sprouts

A healthy, fresh and crunchy salad, seasoned with a spicy Thai dressing.

Two-Bean Vegan Chilli


This 30-minute meal is a hearty, satisfying vegan chilli made with black beans, pinto beans, vegan mince and full of flavour.

Raspberry Pear Overnight Chia Oats

An easy, no-cook breakfast. Simply spend 5 minutes the night before to prep, leave in the fridge and enjoy in the morning for an energy boosting breakfast.

Vegan Double Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Indulgent and healthy at the same time. This double choc banana smoothie is made with only four ingredients, tastes delicious, contains 25 grams of protein and makes great pre or post workout treat.

Crispy Ginger Tofu & Green Bean Stir Fry Noodles

The crispy pan-fried tofu coated in a homemade ginger marinade with added green beans makes this easy stir-fry noodle recipe so appetizing. Ready in under 30 minutes.

Basil Tempeh Lentil Salad with Pumpkin


A simple and nutritious salad, packed with assorted textures and flavours from the earthy lentils and kale, nutty tempeh, fragrant basil and pine nuts, the sweetness of the pumpkin to the freshness of the cherry tomatoes. A tasty and filling dish indeed!

Mushrooms and Tofu on Dark Rye Toast

A healthy breakfast on dark rye toast with crumbled tofu and sliced mushrooms, flavoured with coriander and spring onion. For a spicy kick, add some chilli flakes to the crumbled tofu. Ready in under 20 minutes.