The Vegan Lunch Box

Do you or your child want to be vegan, but are unsure how to make it work for school? Need some tips and tricks to get you started? We have the solution, and it’s exciting, healthy and quick (no lies!).

Here we go:

  • Always pack fruit! And we don’t mean just apples. Changing it up will keep your child excited for lunch. Prepare any fruit that needs cutting or peeling, and store them in small containers.
  • Simple and healthy. Add some hummus, dip, mayo or cream cheese (all available as vegan options), topped with grated carrot, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. If your child is getting bigger and hungrier, try adding some marinated tofu or a mock meat (Fry’s Schnitzels are our pick).
  • Yoghurt! Coconut yoghurt is becoming increasingly popular and is usually available at standard supermarkets.
  • Try pikelets with strawberry jam for something a bit different.
  • Muesli bars: either buy pre-made vegan options (fairly healthy) or make your own (best option, and easy too).
  • Bite-size Nori rolls: quick and easy, and a nice substitute for sandwiches.
  • Special fried rice, vegan style. Add any flavour tofu bits.
  • For older children, try some hot soup in a thermos. Great on cold winter days.
  • Make a batch of muffins up, sweet or savoury. Easy vegan adaptions, and a nice treat.
  • Pasta: everyone’s favourite. Try with a tomato, creamy or basil pesto sauce.
  • Dried fruit and nut mixes are a great way to keep your kids’ snacks healthy and your kitchen time down. Stock up on small, snack-sized carry containers for extra convenience.
  • Dried chickpeas and dried bean snacks are a good nut-free option for any schools that are nut free.
  • Spice up the boring old salad sandwiches with tasty vegan dips to add a burst of flavour


Tip: Put a cold pack in their lunch box to keep everything fresh.