Vegan At School… (Teen Edition)

It is important to keep supporting your teenager throughout their high school years, now that they are becoming more independent they can start advocating for veganism themselves.

Even though you may not need to guide them through the non-vegan world as much anymore, it is still very important to provide your child with a range of healthy, nutritious and easy choices for breakfast and school lunches. When their diet is exciting for them, they are less likely to lose interest or be dissuaded away from veganism by their peers.

Keep an on eye on your teenager to see that they are eating, eating enough, and eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes. Make sure all of these options are readily available at home. Consider teaching them how to cook a few easy meals so they are capable of providing good food for themselves as they grow older.

At school canteens, encourage your teen to ask about what vegan products they stock. Alternatively, you can call or write to the school yourself, suggesting vegan options if they have none. This way if all the kids are getting treats at the canteen, your child knows they can join in too.

When your child has an educated understanding about veganism, and those reasons are something that resonates with them, they are more likely to find vegan easier and encourage their peers. Just as it is your responsibility to ensure that they are healthy, you must also provide them with the facts and information that underpins a vegan lifestyle.

Depending on their age, you may let them watch documentaries, listen to public lectures, or read books with them. We suggest documentaries like Cowspiracy as it outlines very important, prevalent issues facing us and upcoming generations. It may also help them to find a vegan role model to inspire them.

Lastly, let your teens connect with other vegans through vegan teen-only support groups on social media platforms. As parents, we cannot always provide the kind of understanding our children want or need from us, and so it’s important to let them know they can connect and find support from others elsewhere.

At the end of the day, your children will pursue their own interests and invest their time where they see fit. All you can do is arm them with the facts and trust that they will continue to love and cherish veganism as the healthy and compassionate lifestyle that it is.

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