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Eden – Vegan by Eden

I’m Eden. I’m an Australian food blogger from Sydney but now living in the cold Snowy Mountains of Australia. I’ve been vegan for 6 years and I love creating really delicious but simple recipes. I hope to inspire others with my easy to follow recipes and show them how fun eating vegan and plant-based can be.

8 Recipes by Eden

10-minute Miso Soup

Easy to make, 10-minute noodle soup flavoured with miso paste. All you do is cook up your noodles, make the soup with your desired veggies and add the miso paste last. Recipe by Eden.

Vegan Caesar Salad

This delicious homemade Caesar salad dressing can be used on any of your favourite salads and can even work as a spread on wraps and sandwiches when made with less water. If you'd like to have the Caesar salad as a main meal, simply add crispy tofu cubes. Recipe by Eden.

Biscoff Cookie Truffles

A scrumptious treat that will satisfy all your sweet cravings and is super quick to make! Recipe by Eden.

Crispy Air-fried Tofu Lunch Bowl

Easy to make and delicious lunch bowl with crispy air fried tofu, fresh cucumber slices and aromatic basmati rice. Recipe by Eden.

Rigatoni with Chunky Kale and Walnut Pesto

Easy to make! Try this flavoursome pesto pasta with a difference. Recipe by Eden.

Vegan Nachos

Have a taste of Mexico with these easy to prepare vegan nachos.

Air-fryer Vegan Spanakopita


This spanakopita recipe produces a super crispy pastry when using an air-fryer. You've got to try it! Recipe by Eden.

Creamy Capsicum + Cashew Rigatoni

In need of a comfort meal? Make this creamy deliciousness for your next one. Recipe by Eden.