Hey Everybunny!

It’s Raymond (left) and Christina (right) from Three Bunnies

We were first introduced to Veganism almost two years ago when one of us saw the trailer to Forks Over Knifes (not even the whole thing).

At first we started doing some more research because if you don’t eat meat there’s gotta be something wrong with you, right?

We gradually started eating less and less animal products the more we found out until Christina said she wanted to go a whole year being vegan.

At first Raymond thought it was the stupidest thing ever;  until we watched Earthlings that night…
At that point we both knew that going vegan was the right decision, for ethical, environmental and heath reasons. And this is where it all started; when becoming vegan the first thing you will probably realize is that a lot of the things you once loved to eat are now gone. So we made it our mission to get in the kitchen and recreate all the dishes we didn’t want to go without.

From there Three Bunnies was born out of the inspiration of our three bunnies, Astrea, Nyx, and Thor (Unfortunately, Astrea and Nyx are now watching over us in the kitchen).

We hope you enjoy the creations to follow and we would love to connect with you all on our Instagram: @3.bunnies, Facebook: Three Bunnies and Snapchat: three.bunnies, that way you can get to know us more before we write a novel here.

One Love,
Christina and Raymond

9 Recipes by Christina and Raymond


Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Avocado Hummus

Chocolate Chia Pudding

A healthy, chocolatey pudding made with omega-3 rich chia seeds.

Bunny Pancake

A fun treat for young and old!

Krabby Patty

Deliciously filling homemade vegetable patty made with chickpeas, hearts of palm and ground walnuts.

Beet ‘n’ Berry Parfait

Aloha Pizza

Beetiful Neapolitan Shakes

Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Fun and easy to make vegan chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.