Have Yourself a Very Kind Christmas

Published 1 December 2022

Celebrate Christmas with kindness with this ultimate vegan Christmas guide.

Christmas is a time to gather with loved ones, exchange gifts and create happy memories for both young and old. It’s also a time for peace and reflection.

Reflecting on how we can bring peace in the world, we can do this by eliminating all forms of cruelty towards each other and all beings. All of us, humans and animals, deserve kindness and peace.

To help you achieve a peaceful and kind Christmas, we’ve curated an entire section dedicated to celebrating a compassionate Christmas. It’s your ultimate vegan Christmas guide!

⭐️Christmas Menu Feast – Here you’ll find a selection of mains, side dishes and desserts that you can choose from to cook up for the whole family to enjoy. Why not try Patty Mark’s traditional ‘Tofu Turkey’ as a main, Nadia Fragnito’s ‘Mushroom Seafood-style Cocktail’ as one of the sides, and Zacchary Bird’s signature pavlova, the ‘Fablova’ for dessert!

⭐️ Christmas Food Shopping – In case you prefer to buy a vegan roast rather than make it from scratch, here you can find out where to buy all the veganized Christmas classics you know and love, including fruit mince pies, puddings and more.

⭐️Fill Christmas Stockings with Kind Gifts – A list of great vegan gift ideas for loved ones.

⭐️Avoid Unkind Gifts – This guide shows which gifts to avoid because they harm animals, and suggests kinder alternatives.

⭐️Why Celebrate a Compassionate Christmas – Find out what it means to be truly compassionate at Christmas.


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