Choose Kind Christmas Presents

If you don't want to hurt animals this Christmas, these are some gifts worth avoiding, and replacing with their kinder alternative!

Avoid: Woollen Christmas Sweaters

The wool industry is rife with violent standard practices such as tail docking and mulesing, which legally do not require pain relief. When sheep are only a few years old and they no longer profit farmers, they are sent to slaughter.

Instead, gift vegan sweaters made of cotton, Tencel, bamboo, hemp, or recycled vegan fibres. Or this ethically made one you see here, by Vegan Outfitters.

Avoid: Donating live farmed animals as ‘gifts’

Animal-giving programs hurt both animals and humans. Gifting a cow, sheep, goat, pig or chicken to a poor family in a low-income country does not alleviate hunger. Raising animals requires extra food and water — this does not equate to less hunger.

What about purchasing a gift-donation from a plant-based hunger relief program that serves some of the world’s most impoverished children?

Photo taken at Liberation Sanctuary (Animal Liberation Victoria’s forever home for rescued animals).

Not Objects: Puppies, Kittens or Any Other Animals

Animals are not objects to give as a present, and caring for a companion animal is an important decision that needs to be thought over by all involved. Animals require a high level of care and attention, and should never be bought as a gift for someone at Christmas or any other time – Adopt Don’t Shop! Even Sia agrees.

What about sponsoring a rescued animal at Liberation Sanctuary for someone?

Avoid: Animal-Tested, Non-Vegan Cosmetics

Bathbombs, skincare products, nail polish and makeup can make for great and easy gifts! But unless these products are certified animal-testing free and vegan, animals are harmed and killed. 

What about gifting some vegan cosmetics?

Image by Mecca Max, who’s entire own range is 100% vegan and free from animal testing.

Avoid: Leather Products

Presents that don’t have to be tried on to get the right fit are always a good idea at Christmas, but buying someone something made from animal skin never is. Leather is a co-product which financially supports slaughter, and the meat and dairy industry.

What about gifting a vegan leather wallet or purse instead?

Avoid: Non-Vegan Candy

Filling stockings with candy and chocolate is a delicious idea, but unless it’s vegan candy and chocolate (which is super yum, and more common than you’d think — search online!), animals have to die.

What about gifting some of the many vegan candies and chocolates instead?

Avoid: Meat-Filled Cookbooks

If you have a loved one who enjoys cooking, avoid the cookbooks full of dead animals, dairy and eggs. There are plenty of amazing vegan cookbooks!

What about gifting a vegan cookbook instead?


Wondering what else you could gift at Christmas, while being kind to animals?
We’ve put together a list of ideas!

Photo: Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary