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Published 11 April 2024

Vegan Easy’s YouTube channel recommendations to help you on your vegan journey.

credit: youtube @PickUpLimes

YouTube is a great place to find vegan cooks and chefs and follow their channels for recipes, insightful tips and motivation. If you’re taking our 30-day vegan challenge, we’ve selected nine amazing food bloggers on YouTube that we believe will keep you inspired and help you on your plant-powered journey.

Pick Up Limes

credit: youtube @PickUpLimes

Pick Up Limes: This channel is by Canadian dietitian, Sadia Badiei now living in the Netherlands. Pick Up Limes focuses on minimalist and aesthetic presentation. Sadia’s videos are sleek, calming, and visually appealing, with a strong emphasis on nutrition and wellness. She often incorporates mindfulness and self-care elements into her recipe videos.

Steve Yeung – Yeung Man Cooking

credit: youtube @yeungmancooking

Steve Yeung – Yeung Man Cooking: Steve’s style is characterized by simplicity and humor. He often incorporates easy-to-follow instructions with a touch of humor, making his recipes enjoyable and accessible for viewers of all levels.

The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

credit: youtube @wholefoodplantbasedcookingshow

The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show: As the name implies, this channel emphasizes whole food, plant-based recipes. Jeffrey and Jill Dalton create videos that are educational and focused on healthy cooking techniques, showcasing how to create delicious meals using natural, unprocessed ingredients. Their style is informative, making it a great resource for those interested in adopting a whole food plant-based diet.

The Happy Pear

credit: youtube @thehappypear

The Happy Pear: The Happy Pear twins, David and Stephen Flynn, bring infectious energy and enthusiasm to their recipe videos. Their style is vibrant, dynamic, and community-oriented, often featuring lively interactions between the twins as they showcase wholesome and hearty plant-based dishes.

Gaz Oakley

credit: youtube @gazoakleychef

Gaz Oakley: Gaz Oakley, also known as Avant-Garde Vegan, is known for his innovative and indulgent vegan recipes. His style is bold, creative, and visually stunning, featuring elaborate dishes that mimic non-vegan favourites. Gaz’s videos often showcase impressive cooking techniques and presentation, and even feature his developing gardening skills.

Rainbow Plant Life

credit: youtube @RainbowPlantLife

Rainbow Plant Life: Led by Nisha Vora, Rainbow Plant Life offers a diverse range of plant-based recipes with a focus on flavour and nutrition. Nisha’s style is modern, vibrant, and visually striking, often featuring colourful dishes that are both delicious and Instagram-worthy.

Peaceful Cuisine

credit: youtube @peacefulcuisine

Peaceful Cuisine: Ryoya Takashima’s videos are tranquil and meditative, focusing on the process of cooking rather than the final dish. With a minimalist approach, these videos often feature serene music and close-up shots of ingredients being prepared, creating a calming and immersive experience for viewers. He says, “When you live a healthy and vibrant life through vegan lifestyle, others around you will take note and become aware of the value and benefit in adopting this lifestyle.”

Fit Green Mind

credit: youtube @FitGreenMind

Fit Green Mind: Through Fit Green Mind, Maya has become Germany’s most successful vegan food blogger and content creator. Maya’s style is centered around health and fitness, offering plant-based recipes tailored towards active lifestyles. Videos often feature workout tips, nutritional information, and meal prep ideas, providing viewers with a holistic approach to wellness.

We Cook Vegan

credit: youtube @WeCookVegan

We Cook Vegan: We Cook Vegan focuses on practical and family-friendly vegan recipes. Their style is down-to-earth and approachable, with an emphasis on budget-friendly ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. These videos often showcase everyday meals that are satisfying and wholesome.


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