Christmas is a time to be around loved ones, a time for generosity, peace and compassion. But it's not only our friends, families and companion animals that deserve a kind Christmas...

In some countries it is normal to kill and eat dogs. In others, it is normal to kill and eat pigs.

No animal wants to die for your meal.

In Australia, over 5 million pigs are raised for slaughter every year.

There is a better way.

Being truly compassionate at Christmas means leaving cruelty off your plate, and enjoying instead a plethora of animal friendly vegan foods.

Sometimes it can feel hard, especially if the people you spend Christmas with are still eating animals. But when you remember animals just like Sir Bruce and Holly, and how thankful they are to live their lives in freedom, it becomes well worth it.

A compassionate Christmas is not only about what is on your plate, but also about the presents you choose to buy or not buy, and the good you can do for others with these choices.

Consider giving kind gifts at Christmas that are free from animal materials and ingredients and free from animal testing. Consider giving gifts that support an animal sanctuary, a charity or a local creator!

Thelma and Louise sitting for a treat with Rosie the dog at Liberation Sanctuary. Photo: Kelsey Hannah / ALV