My name is Wei and I spent the first half of my life in Beijing, China where it was acceptable for people to eat all types of animals. Back then I had always thought I loved animals but hadn’t yet made the connection between the food we were taught to eat, and the harm and suffering experienced by the animals. 

I moved to Australia in my twenties, and my vegan journey began when I started searching for the meaning of life in my 30th year. That’s when I came across a truly enlightened spiritual teacher who explained that compassion is our nature and to reach the higher energies in the universe, we must clean and purify ourselves first, which includes practising non-violence towards other beings. I am so very grateful that I made the effort to change my life in line with my true feelings 30 years ago.

Nowadays, I organise Asian-style vegan cooking demonstrations and classes; do vegan catering; and run fun, bonding ‘dumpling parties’ for private groups or team building events.

Cooking vegan food is easy if we keep it simple with a few favourites and try one new thing at a time.

Dealing with families or work can be a lot trickier. But if we come from the place of love, respect and empathy, people do respect us for upholding our principles. Just be honest with yourself and others.

Reach out to me if you need some help with yummy, simple, healthy, Asian-influenced, vegan cooking tips. Or I’m happy to hear from you if you’d just like to chat about your new vegan life, the good and the hard bits. There’s no judgement, we have all been there before.

Thank you for becoming a protector and carer for all animal people!

Enjoy the peace of a guilt-free life!


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