I’m a data nerd, casual chorister, sanctuary volunteer, creative cook, reading enthusiast, bushwalker, geographer, parent and vegan.

Hi, I’m Lisa and welcome to the Vegan Easy Challenge.

Whilst I’ve been vegan since the late 1990s, my journey towards veganism started much earlier than that. As a child I grew up in a semi-rural area and had a pet lamb, duck and many chickens. Making the connection between the animals I knew, who had their own personalities and could clearly think and feel and what was on my plate was a profound realisation.

However, like many people who make that connection with animals, but are unsure about how to make meaningful change in their lives, it wasn’t until I met other vegans that I felt comfortable with making the final step to completely stop consuming animal products. Seeing that others could lead a vegan lifestyle and who were kind enough to answer all my questions, including the very important, “Where can I get vegan chocolate?” helped me significantly on my vegan journey.

This is why I am keen to assist those who are taking the Vegan Easy Challenge with their own vegan journey. I’ve been involved with mentoring and supporting those who are trying veganism for many years. Prior to my involvement with the Vegan Easy Challenge, I organised vegan social events such as coffee meetups, dinners and picnics where people could come along and connect with other people interested in veganism. I also participated in running the London Vegan Pledge which supported people trying veganism for a month with practical workshops and online support in the late 2010s.

I have volunteered with animal charities in Australia and overseas to develop and run education programs using my professional training in education and geography. I am particularly passionate about Little Oak Sanctuary, located in southern NSW, where I assist with their education program and occasionally get to lamb-sit.

As a parent to two young children, I understand what it is like to have many competing priorities in one’s life. The need for pragmatic support that considers the different lifestyle requirements of those who are trying veganism is something I understand. I hope I can provide practical, timely and evidence-based support to those undertaking the challenge.

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