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Quick, affordable vegan buffet meals in the heart of Melbourne CBD


Availability: Melbourne CBD

As someone who was raised as a vegetarian, making the conscientious step to go vegan after encouragement from my long-time vegan activist friend, Kamal, was an easy decision.

Not long after, the idea for Vegie Tribe came about after I realised a few things. Having travelled to 28 countries and discovering a diverse range of vegan cuisines, I recognised that the vegan food scene in Melbourne’s CBD was lacking variety, was too expensive and if you’re working or studying in the city, you’d be stretched for time trying to find a decent vegan meal. Most workers or students get only a 30-40-minute break for lunch, so the experience of ordering and waiting for your food to come then rushing back to work or classes can be quite stressful and not enjoyable.

Thus, I was motivated to establish an eatery where people could relax and enjoy their meal that offered:

  1. Something for everyone – a diverse selection of tasty vegan meal options that smash the stereotypes of vegan food being plain or boring
  2. Affordability – clean, healthy, and delicious food accessible and affordable for all
  3. Quick and easy access – with a central CBD location and our buffet set up, food is ready to be served without any wait, so customers can consume and appreciate their food without any rush or stress
above: The Vegie Tribe buffet offers quick and affordable, healthy vegan food

Being able to enjoy your food in a relaxed atmosphere without stressing about the time is, I believe, necessary to build the connection with body and mind.

We welcome all to come and visit us at Vegie Tribe and try our delicious vegan buffet. Our daily rotating specials offer you the experience of enjoying flavours from all corners of the world. From palak paneer, to Mexican tacos, Thai green curry, to roasted mushrooms and baked gnocchi, and more!

Written by Sarmuhabat Singh, owner of Vegie Tribe

above: Vegie Tribe, 34-36 Little La Trobe Street, Melbourne

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