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An expert in Food Technology with over 19 years of industry experience, Emma White the co-founder of The Why Meat Co, faced tremendous health scares on her way to successfully launching her range of plant-based sausage rolls in a major Australian supermarket.


As a health-conscious mum, Emma was frustrated with the junk being served as food at kids’ birthday parties and the lack of vegan options available for kids, teens and adults alike. Coupled with a strong passion for innovation, in 2019 Emma was drawn to the alternative protein category which was a hot talking point, to such a degree, that it became undeniable that the alternative protein food movement was more than just a fad.  When a world-renowned food innovation conference held in New Orleans came across her desk, it struck her.  The time was ripe to discover the latest in food technology within the alternative protein category.  The intensive three-day conference showcased the latest in food innovation. Resounding the loudest was the growing sustainability trend to a plant-based diet and advancements towards mock-meat plant proteins.

Inspired, she delved into new product development on her arrival home. Then she realised: why not create a plant-based pea protein version of an Aussie classic – the trusty sausage roll.  In that moment, she realised her vision of her own company – The Why Meat Co, which she and her husband Ash founded in 2019.  Wanting to create a vegan product that delivers flavour without the unhealthy punch, she leaned on her intimate industry knowledge and skills to develop the plant-based sausage roll using highly nutritious pea protein.

Launch of The Why Meat Co

As an expert in her industry, Emma observed the heavy dominance of soy protein in the marketplace.  Since soy is a potential allergen source, Emma thought why not use pea protein as it is a non-allergen protein source that offers greater inclusivity.  Empowering consumers with more choice and powered by peas, she went against the grain.

Remarkably, the launch was undertaken during the turmoil that was the 2020 COVID lockdowns in Victoria. As the founder/consultant of Food Specialists, Emma was already ‘flat-out’ in her thriving consulting business. With the news of the COVID Lockdowns, school shutdowns and her clients facing intense stress, the pressure cooker of life was set to maximum. Her husband Ash was working in his day job at the time and his role required attendance at work. The chaos of homeschooling, managing COVID crisis talks as a consultant and planning the launch of her new startup The Why Meat Co, became a concoction for a traumatic health scare.

While at home, Emma unexpectedly suffered severe head pain and was quickly rushed to hospital for scans and treatment. Hours later, medicated and in immense pain, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, called a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage on the brain. It’s a condition where a blood vessel ruptures in the space that surrounds the brain. Due to the seriousness of her condition, she was rushed to the specialised neurological ward at the Austin Hospital, the day after being admitted to emergency at Box Hill hospital.

Even more incredible, three weeks after being released from hospital and still in recovery mode, she received news that her Plant-based Sausage Rolls under The Why Meat Co brand had been accepted by one of the major supermarkets, Woolworths.  The resilience and never-say-die attitude that Emma demonstrated throughout the past few years is quite incredible.

Innovation is at the heart of The Why Meat Co, so keep an eye on the ‘green cow’ with an expanded product range of tasty morsels coming soon.

Written by Ashley White, co-founder of The Why Meat Co

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