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Where the joy of gifting meets the delicious world of vegan living


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The Plant Based Hamper Co story begins with Steph, the passionate founder whose decade-long commitment to veganism inspired the creation of a brand that’s all about making a difference.

Steph’s journey into veganism was not just a dietary choice but a profound commitment to ethical living. Her dedication to educating others about living a fulfilling life without causing harm to animals and the planet laid the foundation for Plant Based Hamper Co. It’s not just a business; it’s a mission to spread awareness and joy through thoughtfully curated vegan gifts.

above: Luxurious contents of one of the gift hampers

Steph recognised that navigating the world of gifting, especially for those with diverse dietary needs, can be challenging. Whether dealing with allergies to dairy, eggs, or gluten, or simply embracing a plant-based lifestyle, finding the perfect gift can be bewildering without guidance. That’s where Plant Based Hamper Co steps in, offering a meticulously curated selection of vegan products, carefully chosen and tested to guarantee both delight and satisfaction.

Her brand’s commitment to quality and service has been recognized with achievements such as winning the 2022 Bulimba Small Business Award and a 2023 nomination, in addition to the current 40+ 5-star reviews on Google. Each of these achievements reflects her dedication to providing exceptional vegan gifts and services.

With a range of offerings, from pre-designed gift hampers to customizable options, special occasion hampers, and those tailored for corporate gifting, the team caters to all your vegan gifting needs.

Plant Based Hamper Co is not just about delivering gifts; it delivers a purposeful and eco-conscious experience. As the business continues to grow, your support means the world to team. You’re invited to explore their options, discover the joy of purposeful gifting, and be a part of the Plant Based Hamper Co’s journey – “Thank you for joining us in promoting a lifestyle that’s kind to both animals and the planet.”

above: Stephanie Martin, founder of Plant Based Hamper Co, at an expo

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