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Availability: Online and Fitzroy, Melbourne

In 2009, my partner Gav and I embarked on a journey through South America, North America, and Europe, where we uncovered a world of incredible vegan fashion products. Inspired by our discoveries, we set out to ensure that our local vegan community could access these exceptional products.

Vegan Style made its debut in 2010, offering a modest selection of women’s shoes lovingly crafted in Brazil. At first, we saw it as a small hobby, run out of our spare bedroom, but fate had other plans.

The following year, in 2011, we introduced a men’s range, and our store began to embrace an ever-expanding collection of the world’s finest vegan brands. As our passion for cruelty-free fashion grew, so did our presence, with attendance at expos and markets across Australia, sparking widespread interest in our unique offerings.

Zette! Our very own brand

In 2014 we launched our in-house brand, Zette (named after our rescue cat). Collaborating with factories in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, we brought our vision to life, creating remarkable vegan products that echoed our commitment to ethical fashion.

above: Justin with rescue cat Zette

Throughout our journey, there were a few relocations, but in 2016, Vegan Style established a permanent home on Brunswick Street. Fitzroy was the perfect fit for our vision, a haven of vegan-friendly establishments, including eateries and grocery stores. While we can’t confirm with absolute certainty, many suppliers have suggested that we house the world’s largest vegan shoe store.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Vegan Style continued to thrive, eventually securing a warehouse in 2021. Our collection expanded to cater to everyone, including those with extra-large sizes, wide feet, children, and more. Additionally, we broadened our offerings to include an extensive range of accessories.

Today, however, the road is not without its obstacles. The cost-of-living crisis has placed a heavy burden on Vegan Style. The future remains uncertain, but our desire to persevere is unwavering. We depend on the support of our cherished community to navigate these challenging times.

Written by Justin Mead, founder of Vegan Style

above: (left to right) Shona, Justin and Gavin

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