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My husband Matt Goss started Herbidoor in 2018 after he had gone vegan himself and was looking for easy vegan ready meals that were more comfort/home style meals. There wasn’t much on offer back then, and what was in the market was aimed at very health conscious people, and he just wanted to eat foods like what he grew up with, Lasagna, Stroganoff, Carbonara etc.

I had been vegan for many years prior, but he didn’t really like my style of cooking, haha! I’m quite a boring cook and love things like smoothie bowls, beans and rice, baked potatoes, overnight oats. So he wanted to eat more fun food, and always had a bit of a flair for cooking.

He started out offering meals locally in the Northern Rivers and quickly expanded to the Gold Coast and then Brisbane.

We won Best Meal Delivery on The Gold Coast (Gold Coast Bulletin) and were featured on the Channel 7 News and things grew from there. We now have been running Herbidoor for five and half years, and have expanded to all states in Australia and the ACT. Our menu has grown and evolved and we now offer predominantly high protein vegan meals that feature either tofu, chickpeas or our handmade vegan meats.

We want to empower people to be able to make healthful plant-based meal choices, without sacrificing on quality and flavour.

Matt and I are both vegans and are raising two compassionate, strong vegan boys (Morrison 4, and Ziggy 2). We are passionate about creating change for the animals, and for our future generations.

Written by Amanda Rose, Team Herbi

above: Amanda Rose and Matt Goss

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