Guest Bloggers

Nicola – Veggie Nerd

My name is Nicola. I am a physiotherapist working in the emergency department of a busy Melbourne hospital. I’m also a mum of two young kids, a very enthusiastic Crossfitter and occasional distance runner. I have always been passionate about healthy, vibrant food that supports my fitness goals. I transitioned to a vegan diet in 2020 when I began to learn more about the environmental, animal welfare issues associated with an omnivorous diet. I fell in love with the diversity and creativity of cooking with plants and began to share my creations on instagram, hoping to inspire others to try and fall in love with plant-based food!

5 Recipes by Nicola

Pumpkin, Spinach and Tofu Feta Frittata

"This is so darn good. And at 31g of protein per slice you just can't go past it. It's delicious hot or eaten cold the next day!" Recipe by Nicola.

Mango and Blackberry Smoothie Bowl

"For a super thick ice cream consistency it's hard to beat the consistency of frozen (cooked) cauliflower and semi firm tofu. Add frozen fruit, protein powder and mylk/yoghurt of choice and it's hard to go wrong!" Recipe by Nicola.

One Pot Green Lentil and Quinoa Curry


A nourishing protein-packed one pot vegan meal by Nicola. It's pretty easy getting enough protein on a vegan diet, especially when using legumes and quinoa in the same dish!

Spring Vegetable Potato Salad

A herby fresh veggie packed salad with potatoes, tofu and a delicious Dijon mustard and dill dressing. Recipe by Nicola.

Strawberries and Cream Oats

"For the fluffiest pillowy oats ever you have to try mixing 1/2 rice flakes and 1/2 rolled oats. The creaminess is unmatched!" ~ Nicola