Nathalie is a vegan chef and holistic health coach with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. She is on a worldwide mission to empower women to love themselves unconditionally, through healing their relationship with food and other healthy rituals.

Nathalie started as a clinical psychologist back in Lebanon, where she was always passionate about human happiness, health, and wellness.

Growing up in a country where being a woman is a challenge, Nathalie was living in survival mode, exhausted to meet society standards that dictate how a woman should look, feel, think and act!

After she moved to the U.S, her spiritual and self-love journey started at the moment she discovered a life in her womb.

Recently, after she graduated as a Certified Holistic Health Coach from IIN, she founded My Food Innergy to fulfill her life purpose and mission: empowering women to love themselves again unconditionally and rejoice in their femininity through healthy and delicious eating , creating positive thoughts, attracting fulfilling relationships, developing an inspiring spiritual practice, discovering pleasurable body movement and finding their true calling in life so they can feel and look fabulous!

5 Recipes by Nathalie

Penne Alla Siciliana

Pasta sicilana is usually a mix of pomodoro sauce with the addition of eggplants! But as a veggie lover, add more than just eggplants!

Chocolate Açai Bowls

A super easy, healthy and indulgent breakfast that the kids will love too!

Mediterranean Salad


This salad is so satisfying and delicious, plus, it only takes 5 minutes to make!

The Creamiest Vegan Ice Cream


You wouldn’t believe us if we told you this delicious ice cream is made from sweet potatoes! You have to make it to believe it!

One Pot Penne Arrabiata


Spicy, garlicky with lots of tomato flavour… But if you don’t like spicy food, don't sweat it, just omit the hot red pepper flakes and substitute any other non-spicy red powder.