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Nadia – The Vegan Italian Kitchen

Nadia is a cookbook author, recipe creator, presenter and vegan Italian expert. She has been creating vegan recipes since 2001 and loves to share her passion for recreating Italian classics through her blog The Vegan Italian Kitchen and her recent cookbook Discovering Vegan Italian.

Nadia’s greatest inspiration in the kitchen (apart from a big appetite) is her Italian heritage. She recently embarked on a 3 month culinary trip all over Italy to delve into the vegan movement in Italy. Nadia has been featured on ABC and 3AW radio stations and written articles on Italian food and vegan travel for Nourish Magazine, The Australian Vegan Magazine, Vegan Lifestyle Magazine and Vegan Travel. In 2018, Nadia was a contestant on the SBS reality TV program The Chefs’ Line.

She currently lives in Melbourne with her husband Matthew and dog Hugo and travels to Italy whenever she can.

You can order her cookbook Discovering Vegan Italian at –  as well as selected stores and online.

9 Recipes by Nadia

Walnut and Mushroom Wellington

“A meaty hearty meal without the cruelty. Feast vegan style with all the hallmarks of a traditional Christmas roast meal. Serve this up with generous lashings of gravy, sides of roast vegetables. To make a gluten free version, use GF breadcrumbs and GF puff pastry. The GF pastry is a little more delicate and smaller in size than the original.”  ~ Nadia

Onion Roast Gravy

“This recipe is so quick and easy you will never want to buy the pre-bought stuff again! What’s a vegan roast without gravy? You can substitute regular flour with gluten free flour.” ~ Nadia

Mushroom 'Seafood' Cocktail

"A combination of King Oyster Mushrooms and dried sea vegetables make this a surprisingly fishy dish. Cue the 80s with this retro, revamped, seafood cocktail." ~ Nadia

Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles

“So easy to make, so tasty and they look a treat. Perfect as a Christmas sweet, you can garnish with salt flakes, chilli powder or for a real treat, sprinkle with finely chopped candy canes. You can also substitute the peanut butter with other nut butters, such as cashew or almond. For an Italian flavour add a dash of amaretto or coffee liqueur.” ~ Nadia

Vegetable Cacciatore


"Cacciatore translates to ‘hunter’. But who says the chicken needs to be the one who is hunted? This vegan version is hugely satisfying with an array of fresh vegetables in a swoon-worthy broth. Don’t forget to serve with chunks of Italian crusty bread for the ultimate food pleasure." ~ Nadia



"This tiramisu recipe is modeled on a classic version. Because vegan savoiardi biscuits aren’t yet on the market, you can substitute with slices of vegan cake to soak up the coffee. But to save time, a store-bought, plain, sweet vegan biscuit will do the trick, like Nice or arrowroot biscuits (you can also choose gluten free versions). Aquafaba (chickpea brine) will substitute egg whites, so you will need a stand mixer or hand-held electric beaters. This makes one large tiramisu or you may like to serve in individual glasses. This is best made a day ahead." ~ Nadia

Spaghetti Carbonara

“A classic Roman dish traditionally made with pancetta or guanciale and egg yolks – we’re taking it to new vegan heights. This recipe uses two types of tofu, liquid smoke and black salt as a creative stand-in for pancetta and egg. If you haven’t come across any of these ingredients, they are about to change your culinary world and worth taking the time to source. You can purchase black salt (kala namak) at Indian grocery stores or gourmet grocery stores and liquid smoke at gourmet grocery stores.” ~ Nadia

Olive Oil Lemon Cake

“Homemade Italian cakes are often simple and plain - perfect to enjoy any time of the day, especially breakfast! This version uses olive oil to create a moist cake and uses only a few pantry staples. And, better yet, no eggs required. If you would prefer a neutral flavoured oil, replace the olive oil with light olive oil, sunflower or rice bran oil. This is my go-to cake and I hope it can be yours too.” ~ Nadia

Polpette With Pomodoro Sauce (Vegan Meatballs)


“Polpette (meatballs) are traditionally made with ground meat. Of course, you could use a store-bought vegan mince, but I love the rich and meaty texture of walnuts. Not only are these polpette simple to make, they’re also nutritious and oil-free. If you’d like this to be a completely oil-free dish, cook the garlic in the passata instead of frying in oil beforehand. You will need a food processor or high-powered blender. You can purchase liquid smoke at most gourmet grocers and vegan food stores.” ~ Nadia