Hello, my name is Jimmy. I am the founder and recipe developer of
VegMeUp, a vegan meal-kit delivery service in Melbourne, Australia.

I have worked for many years as a head-chef in multiple restaurants in Europe. My fascination for vegan food started when I began exploring more healthy and sustainable way of living. I read multiple health and nutrition studies, books and watched all the well-known documentaries about veganism and diets that focus on plant-based food.

My motivation for running a vegan meal-kit service is to show people how easy, fun and delicious it can be to cook with plants, and to help people to better understand how vegan food can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and reduced environmental footprint.

My mission is to: help people cook, educate and inspire them with delicious plant-based meals.

I believe in a supportive and non-judgemental approach to encourage non-vegans and flexitarians to introduce more plant-based meals into their diets. I believe the more plants we eat, the better we reduce our environmental impact on the planet we all share, and the kinder and healthier we become.

Have you started your plant-based journey?


5 Recipes by Jimmy

Lemongrass Stir-fry Udon Noodles with Broccolini & Mushroom

Packed with juicy mushrooms and green veggies, this lemongrass noodle dish is flavoured with a delicious sweet and sour sauce. Recipe by chef Jimmy.

Korean Vegan Bibimbap

Bibimbap is such a versatile dish. You can easily make it by topping a hot bowl of rice with various vegetables, a source of protein like tofu, served with a gochujang dressing. This recipe is by chef Jimmy.

Gochujang Noodles with Beans & Tomato

Flavoursome noodles with a spicy kick from the gochujang paste combined with chickpeas, green beans, sprouts and tomatoes. Recipe by chef Jimmy.

Hearty Minestrone Soup with Risoni

Warm up with this cosy, vegan minestrone soup complete with all the healthy goodness from beans, cabbage, carrot, celery, spinach, garlic and onion. Recipe by Jimmy.

Vietnamese Pho with Tofu

Phở is a popular Vietnamese soup that will warm your insides and delight your taste buds. Enjoy this flavourful vegan version by chef Jimmy.