Jake McKeon is the founder of Coconut Bowls, a vegan and environmentally friendly business which reclaims coconut shells that would otherwise go to waste, and turns them into beautiful coconut bowls that are perfect for these recipes!

6 Recipes by Jake

Red Quinoa with Smoked Sweet Pepper Sauce

This bowl is one of my go-to favourites during the week, and it will become one for you too. There are many variations that you can create, the options here are endless. I totally recommend you make extra of everything for a delicious wrap or salad the following day. By Coconut Bowls and @tastyasheck

Rainbow Nourishment Bowl


This bowl looks so pretty, almost too beautiful to eat - but we recommend you do! This rainbow bowl does exactly what the name suggests; it nourishes your body with a bunch of delicious and colourful ingredients. By Coconut bowls and @choosingchia

Green Goodness Noodle Bowl

This is a bowl for your mind, body and soul. Your eyes will sparkle and your mouth will water; this nutritious green goodness noodle bowl truly tastes as good as it looks. By Coconut Bowls and @nettis_plantbased_dream

Sesame Falafel Bowl with Beet Dressing

If mouth-watering falafels are your thing, then this sesame falafel bowl recipe will be jumping to the top of your favourite recipe list. Easy and versatile, this combo of falafel and beet dressing is equally perfect as a snack or served up in any salad or veggie bowl. Photo and recipe by @coconut bowl and @healthy_belly

Green Garden Smoothie Bowl

This pineapple-based green smoothie bowl makes a nourishing and satisfying breakfast with a tropical touch. Photo and recipe thanks to @coconutbowls and @laurafruitfairy

Red Sprouted Superfood Salad

This salad can easily be served as a main dish or as a side. Packed with flavour, the pomegranate adds a subtle sweetness which perfectly balances the bitterness of the açai, while the maple roasted walnuts add a delicious crunch. Photo and recipe by @coconut bowls and @healthsynergy