The face and creative mind behind freistyle, is mainly me, Verena, but my family is my great inspiration and also my most reliable critics when it comes to food and styling!

By sharing my passion for healthy and plant based food I hope to inspire others to try new things and to fuel your body with the good food he deserves. And also to show that there are so many options to eat the rainbow and to appreciate the richness that nature offers us.

Besides food, styling and photography – traveling is our biggest passion for sure. We are really happy and grateful to have the opportunity to travel the world and to explore other countries and cultures.

We are eager to show our girls as much as possible of the wonderful world we life in and to raise them to be confident and conscious personalities.

8 Recipes by Verena

Buckwheat Pancakes with Spinach

Buckwheat is naturally free of gluten because it's not a grain, but a polygonaceous plant and is even related to rhubarb. It's a powerhouse of nutrients and provides a high content of fiber and protein.

Soba Noodle Salad with Peanut Dressing

Autumn Rolls with Beetroot Tahini Dip

The filling in these rolls is seasonally adjusted and with squash, sweet potato, figs and the black rice noodles, the rolls are not only delicious, but also an absolute feast for the eyes.

Vegan Cannelloni with Spinach

The cannelloni are filled with a creamy mixture of spinach and cashew cream, which causes this irresistible, velvety taste. This dish is prepared quickly and also great for guests, because you can prepare it well.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Apple and cinnamon is definitely my favorite combination, it just fits together perfectly and tastes great as a compote, cake, with crepes or just in these muffins. The muffins are made very quickly and have only a few ingredients.

Red Curry Soup with Coconut Tofu

The red curry paste gives the soup a pleasant spiciness. If your children don't like it spicy, then add a little more paste later on or serve the soup with a mild yogurt. My two kids also just eat pasta with coconut milk and tofu, because everyone loves it.

Millet Risotto with Leek

The millet risotto with leek is so creamy, tasty, filling and is also really healthy. The topping is crispy mushrooms and you have a perfect winter dish.

Quick Curry with Green Vegetables

The curry is packed with healthy vegetables and you can really use your favorites here, or use up what has to go.