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Liz – Glow Diaries

My name’s Liz! I’m a food blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. I went vegan in August 2019 and it sparked a love of exploratory cooking. I started sharing what I was eating on Instagram, and found an opportunity to make simple plant-based recipes that fit into a busy lifestyle.

When I’m not cooking or baking sourdough, I’m reading or watching Netflix on the couch with my husband, Steve and our cat, Sooki. I maintain a love-hate relationship with running, and I’m a big fan of at-home yoga (Yoga with Adriene is my favourite). I’m a bit of a self-help addict, I binge on podcasts that educate and inspire. My TV go-tos are 90s sitcom re-runs, critically acclaimed dramas, period films, or thought-provoking docos. I’m multi-passionate and always have some sort of project on the go. Empathy is my superpower and my kryptonite!

I hope my blog can be a useful source of information and inspiration for you to dabble more in vegan living. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts or comments here or on social media.

10 Recipes by Liz

Vegan Coconut Ice


Who remembers this popular dessert at school fetes?! The vegan version of this no-bake Australian classic is irresistibly sweet and is a combination experience of melt in your mouth with a chewy texture from the coconut. Recipe by Vegan Diaries.

Gochujang Tofu & Broccolini

Gochujang is known for being SUPER hot, but if you're not used to extra spicy flavours, this particular dish isn't overly spicy, it's perfectly balanced thanks to Liz.

Vegan Golden Syrup Dumplings

A classic, warm, deliciously rich dessert, easily veganised for a cosy trip down memory lane. Recipe by Liz.

Vegan Hot Wings


Vegan hot wings you've got to try! Serves four as a mouthwatering snack. Recipe by guest blogger Vegan Diaries.

Creamy Avocado Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes


This avo pasta by Liz is creamy, fresh and punchy, and loaded with vibrant greens and healthy fats.

Popcorn Tofu

Scrumptious popcorn tofu bites - an easy high protein appetiser, plus those cornflakes get so crispy! Recipe by Liz of Vegan Diaries.

Creamy Vegan Tuscan ‘Chicken’ Pasta

Creamy, carby, comfort food, perfect for winter! This vegan version of creamy Tuscany pasta is also lighter on the stomach thanks to the cashew cream. Recipe by Liz.

Italian-Style Vegan Hot Chocolate

A seriously RICH dessert-meets-hot-drink which is a perfect antidote to cold winter evenings. Chocolate makes everything better! Recipe by Liz.

Easy Melty Vegan Cheese

You can make vegan cheese at home more easily than you'd think and it tastes WAY better than store-bought, at a fraction of the price. This recipe is a great solution when you want cheese instantly. It can be eaten immediately, and you can put the remainder in the fridge or freezer to use later. I recommend freezing because the cheese hardens, making it easy to grate and melts better when reheated. Perfect for toasties, burgers, on pizza or tossed into tofu scramble. Recipe by Liz.

Ultimate Vegan Pancakes

Fluffy vegan pancakes made with vegan buttermilk! Easy, household ingredients, ready in 20 minutes. Recipe by Liz.