Vegan trainer eats only junk food for six months to highlight effects of a poor diet

Published 20 May 2021

He ate nothing but vegan 'junk food' for six months and is now declared medically obese with both physical and mental health problems - but the trainer vows to inspire others...

A vegan fitness trainer intentionally put on 25kg of ‘pure fat’ to boast the weight loss potential of following a whole-food plant-based diet plan.

Andrew Roberts increased his body fat by 17 percent in just six months. Now he is declared medically obese.

However, over the next six months, he is documenting his journey on the diet plan to highlight the benefits of going plant-based.


Weight gain transformation

In order to pile on the pounds, Roberts increased his total calorie intake from 2000 a day to a whopping 5000.

This was achieved by eating purely vegan ‘junk’ food every single day. The journey was ‘extremely hard’, he told PBN.

Moreover, the fitness trainer stopped working out. At the start, he had 10 percent body fat but now weighs in at 27 percent.

This means he is now medically determined as obese, as his body fat is greater than 25 percent.


Physical and mental impact

The impacts on Roberts’ mind and body have been extreme.

“I want to inspire those who are struggling with overeating, and mental health difficulties as a result of the pandemic”

Andrew Roberts, Fitness Trainer


‘As well as struggling mentally, I have also had a scare physically. It ended in me having to go to hospital after having pains in my chest, left arm and leg’, he explained.

Additionally, his sleep ‘significantly’ deteriorated. Roberts’ motivation became ‘nonexistent’, and his mindset has also become consistently negative.

During the process, he observed how much of a difference diet and a lack of exercise have on mental health.


Whole-food diet for weight loss

Despite the negative effects, Roberts is enduring the grueling challenge to encourage people to adopt a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

He said: “I want to inspire those who are struggling with overeating, and mental health difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

“I am now going to lose all the weight I have put on in the next six months. And, share my journey to show how powerful and effective a whole food plant-based diet can be for healthy weight loss.

“My hope is that people will see this journey and be inspired to try a vegan diet to help lose weight.”


Original Article > by Emily Baker, Plant Based News

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