‘Australia’s First’ 100% Vegan Preschool To Open This Year

Published 3 February 2021

Sustainable Play Preschool promises eco friendly practices for children - from growing their own vegetable patch and using local produce intertwined in education.

A preschool that will serve entirely plant-based meals and focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices is set to open in Newcastle, Australia this year.

According to the non-profit organization, Vegan Australia, Sustainable Play Preschool will be the country’s ‘first 100% vegan preschool’.

Sustainable Play Preschool

The school will support sustainable practices. This includes supporting local businesses, maintaining a vegetable garden, and using rainwater tanks.

Excursions will take pupils to local farms and national parks to ‘learn about the world through their experiences in nature’, the preschool claims.

It will focus on ‘eco-friendly practices’ and all meals will be plant-based, made using items grown in the garden.


Vegan menu

The preschool’s vegan menu includes morning smoothies rich in nutrients and lunches including tofu mac ‘n’ cheez and chickpea ‘tuna’ sandwiches.

Also on offer is carrot and zucchini muffins and vegan ice cream made using bananas.

The ‘dietitian approved’ offerings change on a weekly basis.

Are more schools going vegan?

Schools around the world are increasing offerings for plant-based children. This is often not without a fight, however.

Parents in Brighton, England, pleaded with their local council to make vegan lunches available to all children. Charities have urged the UK government to remove meat from school menus entirely.

In addition, over three quarters of schools and nurseries in France now offer at least one meatless meal a week.

For more information, visit Sustainable Play Preschool’s website.


Original Article > by Emily Baker, Plant Based News