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The Rustic Vegan

“Prior to going plant-based… I did not know how to cook at all.”

Six months ago, the musical artist known as Bjonr, under his brand The Rustic Vegan, joined the ranks of high-profile Instagrammers riding the rainbow unicorn trend. Also a musician, Bjonr is an innovator whose keen entrepreneurial spirit and genuine desire to change the world of food shines through in his work.

For Bjonr, his very recent initiation into the world of food blogging started with health. He’d already tried out lots of diets and trends, but going plant-based ticked all the boxes, and he was eager to spread the word.

“I think no matter which way you get into plant-based, you’re gonna reap benefits regardless. For me, I went for health but in return, I’m helping animals, I’m helping the planet as well. So I think it’s win-win no matter what.”

Read the full interview with THRIVE magazine on The Rustic Vegan‘s website

Interview by Ciannait Khan

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The best damn curry you’ll ever have.

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