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Abigail Lyons

“If you eat animals you should stop, because you know you can be smarter than that.”- 7 year old vegan activist

"If you eat animals you should stop, because you know you can be smarter than that."- 7 year old vegan activist

My name is Abigail and I am 7 years old, I have been Vegan for 4 years of my life, and before that I was mostly Vegetarian. I am Vegan because I love animals and I don’t want to kill them.

If you are vegan you can still eat lots of yummy junk food like lollies and jelly. Most people think you can’t eat those things but you can.

If I go to a party I ask if the cake has eggs or cow milk in it, and if it does I don’t eat it because animals are hurt to make those things. Mum always makes sure I can have Vegan cake later or I take some of the food I like to eat to the party.

The hardest part of being vegan is asking adults if there is egg in cake and the adults sometimes say no but it actually does, I get really cranky because sometimes they try to trick me. I don’t want to eat animals. Adults can be stupid like that.

I don’t like going to zoos because there is lots of sad, trapped animals inside, and when I see them in cages it makes me cry. All animals should be free.

I think all kids should go to Edgars Mission Sanctuary to see all the free happy animals who were freed from the cages. Or come to our house we have chickens and baby lambs, and cats and a greyhound named Moose.

My favourite book is ‘That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals’ by Ruby Roth. I like it because it shows the truth about animals, but it is really sad too because my favourite pigs are in teeny cages for their whole life, and turkeys live in small cages. One time I borrowed a book from the school library and it showed you about killing pigs, I was really sad because I thought it was a happy book. Pigs are not food, animals are not food. I was brave though. We shouldn’t eat animals because they want to be free.

I also like videos on YouTube like Bite Size Vegan. It reminds me why I want to be vegan, and it makes me happy that someone tells people how to be healthy and not kill animals.

If you eat animals you should stop, because you know you can be smarter than that. Animals are just like people and you know it’s not right to eat people.

By Abigail Lyons – aged 7

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  • Candace
    31 July 2017

    Abby, you are the wisest little girl I’ve ever met. Xxx

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