Avocado Tofu Toast

A simple and easy to make meal to start your day. Mashed avocado on toasted rye bread topped with slabs of turmeric coated tofu.

Serves 1 | Prep time: 5 mins | Cooking time: 10 mins


  • 150g/5.3oz firm tofu
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 5ml/0.2oz (1 tsp) olive oil spray
  • 80g/2.8oz avocado (1/4 medium-size avo)
  • 15ml/0.5oz (1 Tbsp) fresh lemon juice
  • 2 slices dark rye bread (e.g. Abbott’s Dark Rye sliced bread)
  • Optional: chilli flakes, iodised salt to taste, chopped spring onion to serve


  1. Cut the tofu into 1cm (approx. 1/3 in) thick slabs.
  2. In a shallow bowl add the turmeric and if using chilli flakes and salt, combine them with the turmeric. Coat each tofu slab with the turmeric mix.
  3. Preheat a pan on medium-high heat then add olive oil. Cook the tofu slabs for about 5 minutes each side.
  4. Meanwhile, in a bowl, mash the avocado and mix in the lemon juice.
  5. Toast the bread slices then spread the avo mash on top of each followed by the tofu slabs. Garnish with spring onion (optional).

Macros – Carb: 38g  Fat: 30g  Prot: 34g  Calories: 558

This recipe is part of the 7-day Strength meal plan

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