Positive Movement Racing + Vegan Easy Partnership Announcement

Published 29 March 2023

Attention gamers! Vegan Easy is excited to announce its partnership with Positive Movement Racing (+MVT Racing).

+MVT Racing is a sim-racing team competing in various iRacing.com series and events since 2016.

The team promotes positive causes, organizations and brands centered around veganism, animal rights, equality and eco-consciousness through online racing. We’re proud and fortunate to be selected as one of them. Other partners that +MVT Racing supports are:

Little Bear Sanctuary – animal sanctuary providing a safe place for animals to live their best lives

Fjordson – vegan Swiss made watches

We The Free – community of animal rights activists providing an innovative approach to advocacy for animals

V-dog – vegan dog food formulated by canine nutritionists and veterinarians

Vegancheck.me – vegan ingredient checker

AnyKey – advocates for diversity and inclusion in gaming

Racing Games

Many of you may already be familiar with racing games but for those who aren’t, they are a popular genre among gamers and continue to grow in popularity. Namely due to online multiplayer features, along with advancements in technology and graphics allowing for a more visually stunning, realistic and immersive racing experience. Streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have also helped to promote racing games to a wider audience.

There are several mainstream racing games and simulators that are widely played and enjoyed by gamers around the world like Forza Motorsport (Xbox and Microsoft Windows), Gran Turismo (PlayStation), and F1 Series (PlayStation, Xbox and Microsoft Windows).

iRacing is rapidly increasing in popularity due to a passionate community of players who appreciate the game’s attention to detail and realism. It includes an online multiplayer system that allows players to compete against each other in real-time races with up to 60 drivers and is designed with accurate physics modeling and realistic car handling.

iRacing has also been adopted by many professional racing teams and drivers as a training tool, which further speaks to its significance in the racing community.

Celebrate our new partnership and WIN!

To commemorate our new partnership, +MVT Racing has generously offered a USD$100 gift card to be used at an online vegan retailer, awarded to one lucky participant who signs up and completes our 30-day Vegan Easy Challenge. This giveaway is available globally.

So, if you’ve ever thought about living a kinder life, sign up to our 30-day Challenge to receive free support and guidance to help you achieve your goal, plus you could win the gift card! Read our terms and conditions for how to enter the USD$100 gift card Prize Draw. Sign up online and choose a start date between now and May 1st for your chance to win.

Becoming part of the gaming world is a first for Vegan Easy and we’re thrilled to do this with +MVT Racing. Support the team and look out for our logo on the team’s racing car as it speeds to the lead!


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