Not Your Christmas Turkey

Meet Holly, who will live her full life, free from harm...

Photo: Kelsey Hannah / ALV

Holly is a rescued turkey at Liberation Sanctuary who will never see the inside of an abattoir.

Holly is a gentle soul who lives alongside hens and a duck. She loves to eat fruit, feel the grass under her feet and receive soft pats.

She is permanently disabled, as she has had the ends of her toes, as well as her beak cut off, which is standard practise in the turkey farming industry from which she was rescued. While this means it takes her a little longer to move around, she is still free to explore and enjoy her sanctuary home.

On average, between three and five million turkeys are killed annually in Australia for meat.

Turkeys naturally can live to be up to 15 years old, but when bred by the meat industry they are killed at around 10 to 12 weeks of age.

At the slaughter house, turkeys are shackled upside-down by their feet. They are then moved through an electrified water stunning bath – which sometimes shoots a painful shock into their wings before it renders them unconscious. A mechanical blade then cuts their heads off.

Holly shouldn’t be your Christmas lunch or dinner, she and all turkeys should be free.

Try a vegan roast instead!