Not Your Christmas Ham

Meet some of the sweet pigs living at Liberation Sanctuary, a forever home for rescued animals.

Thankfully, these rescue pigs at Liberation Sanctuary will never see the inside of an abattoir…

Rescued pigs Thelma and Louise sitting for a treat with Rosie the dog. All pig photos: Kelsey Hannah / ALV.

Meet Thelma and Louise

At less than a year old, Thelma and Louise are already five months older than they would have been when they were slaughtered, one of their legs ending up as a ‘Christmas ham’. Luckily the pair were rescued, and now they are inseparable, and always causing mischief. They know how to sit for a treat and are very smart – they don’t always use this intelligence for good!

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Meet Woody

Woody is a very gentle boy. He loves a belly scratch and makes the cutest little grunting noises when enjoying them. He’s patient and clever too!

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In Australia, nearly 5 million pigs are raised for slaughter each year.

Pigs raised for meat can naturally live to be up to 12 years old, but are killed when they are five months old.

Despite how they are raised, whether on factory facilities or free range farms, the majority of pigs are stunned in CO2 gas chambers where they suffer horrifically from their first lungful of gas, burning from the inside out. They then have their throats cut and bleed out.

Pigs like Thelma, Louise and Woody shouldn’t be your Christmas lunch or dinner, they should be free.

Try a vegan Christmas meal instead, or even make a vegan ‘ham’!

Recipe by VeganVVocals, available at Vegan Easy Christmas