Guest Bloggers

Tom – Project Vegan Baking

Tom is the creator behind Project Vegan Baking. He is a scientist turned baker with the goal of reinventing all classic desserts into tasty, cruelty-free and plant-based versions. After discovering vegan macarons back in 2016, he set off on a mission to prove that any dessert can and should be made vegan and that no challenge is too great when we are helping shift the world away from animal products and towards a plant-based future.

5 Recipes by Tom

Aquafaba Christmas Tree Meringues

“Vegan aquafaba Christmas tree meringues are the perfect holiday treat! Crunchy, sugary deliciousness - these little kisses can be flavoured with all your favourite holiday flavours.” ~ Tom

Biscoff Meringue Pie

“Biscoff Meringue Pie: a creamy, indulgent biscoff filling topped with chocolate ganache and vegan torched meringue. All on top of a flaky, delicious pie crust to balance out all the sweetness.” ~ Tom

Red Velvet Cookies


Vibrant yet delicious red velvet chocolate chip cookies for all your vegan treat cravings! These yummy cookies are super easy to make and take only 12 minutes to bake!

Vegan Millionaire’s Shortbread

"An irresistibly delicious layer of caramel on top of a buttery shortbread base finished with chocolate. This vegan treat is guaranteed to impress!" ~ Tom

Vegan Cherry Clafoutis


A deliciously creamy custard-based tart designed to elevate the vibrant flavours and juices of cherries! Best made during cherry season! Recipe by Tom.