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This page has references for the facts used in the Vegan Easy Booklet. The references for the various sections can be found by matching the page topic in the booklet with the title listed below.

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Death Toll

  • 80 billion land animals slaughtered each year:
    UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) statistics: 2019
  • Trillions of water animals slaughtered each year:
    Fish Count Org
  • 10% of water animals are fed back to fish in aquaculture and land animals: FAO – The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture
    – Global fish production – estimated to have reached about 179 million tonnes in 2018.
    – 18 million tonnes – used to produce fishmeal and fishoil. (Fishmeal and fishoil are fed back to fish in aquaculture and to land animals in the livestock sector.) 18/179 => just over 10% of fish caught fed back to fish and land animals






Broiler Birds


Laying Hens






Lambs and sheep




Animal Experiments


Not Your Skin




Human Rights


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