Vegan Easy + Vegan Australia partnership

Published 18 April 2021

What’s new with Vegan Easy? We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Vegan Australia!

What’s new with Vegan Easy?

Animal Liberation Victoria’s Vegan Easy campaign has joined forces with national vegan advocacy group, Vegan Australia, one of our long-term supporters. Together we look forward to making Australia’s longest running 30-day vegan challenge bigger and better than ever.

We have already upgraded the 30-day emails sent to Challenge participants, designed to make it even easier for people to successfully complete the Challenge and remain vegan, we’re working at expanding our mentoring program to provide participants with easy access to practical advice and guidance, and we’re gearing up for a dedicated month-long Challenge for this June with awesome major prizes to be won!

Call for vegan mentors

The Vegan Easy team is looking for caring individuals who are motivated and willing to help guide others who are just starting on their vegan journey. If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor for participants of the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge, have been vegan for over a year and have sound knowledge in the basics of vegan nutrition, please apply here.

Become a Mentor


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Invite a friend to join the Challenge

If you would like to encourage a friend or family member to take the Vegan Easy Challenge simply click on “Invite a friend” below, fill in their name and email address and an invitation will be sent to them right away.

Invite a friend to the 30 Day Challenge

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Hi Friend's Name! Everything's better with a friend, so your pal Your Name has invited you to take the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge with them! Visit our sign up page and find out how you could be living a more compassionate, healthy and eco-friendly life.

Challenge Accepted

You have received this email because Your Name (Your Email) suggested we send this to you. You will not receive further emails from us unless you choose to join the 30 Day Challenge.

Privacy Policy

We will email your friend once only. To avoid spam, we will also prevent future emails being sent to them via this form. We will not email you - your email address is only sent to your friend so they know it’s you.


June Challenge teaser

Get ready for a reprise of a dedicated month-long Challenge this June with lots of amazing prizes to be won! Open to the general public not yet vegan and new vegans who would like extra guidance and support on their journey, this June the Vegan Easy Challenge will be ready to help more people switch to vegan.


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Stay tuned to discover more about Vegan Easy’s and Vegan Australia’s upcoming collaborative efforts.

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Vegan Australia
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