Vegan Travel Guide

Published 7 March 2019

Animal Liberation Victoria's 'Vegan Easy' has just launched a new ad in Jetstar's in-flight magazine, on-board planes across Australia and internationally.

The magazine readership is almost a quarter million, so it’s a great opportunity to reach people interested in veganism. The ads direct people to visit where they can enter their travel destination and see a list of the top vegan restaurants and cafes in that area.

The campaign aims to capitalize on the widespread increase in people exploring plant-based living, drawing them to where they will find resources to expand their understanding of why being vegan is not only good for them but more importantly, the planet and the animals.

Vegan Easy takes off


Using the Travel Guide couldn’t be simpler. Just select the country and city you’re flying to and a list of the best vegan restaurants and cafes for that area will appear.

The Vegan Travel Guide page


The Travel Guide currently lists destinations serviced by Jetstar flights, but we will expand the Guide over time to include popular travel locations world-wide.


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