Research shows plant-based labelling does not cause consumer confusion

Published 1 December 2020

New research shows that labels for plant-based products using terms usually associated with animal products, e.g. "oat milk" and "plant-based beef", do not lead consumers to become confused about whether they are buying animal products.

The results, published in the Journal of Animal and Environmental Law, demonstrate that consumers are no more likely to think that plant-based products come from an animal if the product’s name incorporates words traditionally associated with animal products than if it does not.

The research also shows that omitting words that are traditionally associated with animal products from the names of plant-based products actually causes consumers to be significantly more confused about the taste and uses of these products.

Together, the findings imply that legislation prohibiting companies from using words like “beef” and “butter” on their labels does not advance the government’s interest in preventing consumer confusion.

Read the published paper here:


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