New Kate Winslet-Narrated Film Set To Explore Ecological Impact Of Diets

Published 25 August 2021

‘Time is running out’, pleads Kate Winslet in the film dubbed to deliver 'hard truths' about food production...

Eating Our Way To Extinction: Both Entertaining and alarming, this powerful documentary will change the way you look at the food industry – forever! Credit: Eating Our Way To Extinction

A new documentary narrated by academy award winner Kate Winslet and featuring Richard Branson is unraveling the impact of diet on the ecological and climate crisisEating Our Way To Extinction specifically focuses on animal agriculture to deliver ‘hard truths’ about our global changing landscapes.


Eating Our Way To Extinction

It takes audiences on a journey around the world from Scotland to the Amazon Rainforest, hearing stories about food production and its effect on the environment.

Throughout the documentary, people at the very forefront of the climate crisis relay their experiences. It also features local activists and celebrities, as well as scientists who add their verdicts on ‘the most pressing issue of our generation’.

Its goal is to create conversations and help people, industry leaders, and governments question their ‘everyday choices’.

‘When food costs the earth, who pays the price?’

The trailer, which was released this week, depicts shocking examples of natural disasters and human destruction  – among pictures of farmed animals. And it’s dubbed to ‘make you never look at your food or the food industry in the same way again.

‘Time is running out’, Winslet – who is also executive producer – exclaims. The film is directed by Ludo Brockway and Otto Brockway.

Moreover, renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio says it’s is the film future generations ‘will be wishing everyone watched today’.

General Release

The digital release will be coming this Autumn, on multiple online platforms.


Original Article > by Emily Baker, Plant Based News

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