Need Help with Identifying Vegan Products? Vegan Australia Has You Covered

Published 7 May 2021

Much like the Vegan Society UK’s ‘Vegan' Trademark that helps consumers identify whether a product is free from animal ingredients, now Australians can count on the Vegan Australia Certified logo as a reliable symbol for choosing vegan products and services throughout our nation.

Vegan Australia’s certification program ensures that products bearing their certified logo do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, are not tested on animals, and that no animal products have been used during the manufacturing process.

So, when you see their tick of approval on a product, you can be confident it’s vegan without spending time reading through the ingredients list. And calling up the manufacturer to double check an ingredient you’re not sure about, will be a thing of the past.

Vegan Australia’s growing list of verified vegan products includes foods, beverages, personal care, supplements, pet food and more.

And yes, Aussie icon Vegemite has four products that are Vegan Australia certified!

As well as providing assurance to people looking for easily identifiable ethical goods and services, the certification program helps both vegan businesses and non-vegan ones effectively promote their vegan products and reach the ever-expanding plant-based market.

Heath Kilgour, Certification Manager at Vegan Australia said, “At its core, the Vegan Australia Certified program simply makes it easy for people wanting to make ethical choices. Certification provides a brand with authenticity to its commitment to a more sustainable future.”

Businesses seeking to certify their vegan products can find out more here.


June Challenge teaser

You could win Vegan Australia Certified products by joining our 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge for the month of June. There will be major prizes to be won as well as awesome giveaways via our socials in the lead up to June. Stay tuned for more details in the coming week!

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