Celebrate World Vegan Day – Take the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge!

Published 18 October 2021

The free November Vegan Easy Challenge is being held as a celebration of World Vegan Day and World Vegan Month – the perfect time for people to give vegan living a go!

World Vegan Day (Nov 1) is a well-established date for celebrating all things plant-based, cruelty-free and sustainable. We reckon it’s a great opportunity to reach out to the vegan-curious and wider public to encourage them to try going vegan in a supportive setting for 30 days.

Charity partners Vegan Easy (run by Animal Liberation Victoria) and Vegan Australia are excited to host the November Challenge, with a goal to reach out to hundreds of thousands of Australians, plus many more beyond our borders.

Sign up now for the November Challenge and you will receive:

Informative and motivating daily emails from November 1st to November 30th with suggested recipes, expert information and helpful tips.
Access to a dedicated November Challenge online support group.
Option of one-on-one mentoring.
Valuable online resources, including the Vegan Easy series of videos with some of Australia’s best vegan cooks, creators and advocates.
The chance to win plenty of prizes!

Our 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge is a free program designed to help participants from anywhere in the world learn all about the philosophy and practicalities of veganism. It includes a 30-day dietitian approved meal plan and of course, plenty of tasty recipes for your kitchen inspiration! Participants will also have the option to tap into the experience of our friendly team of volunteer mentors via a dedicated November Challenge Facebook support group, or opt for some one-on-one guidance.

In the lead up to November we’ll be giving away special gifts generously donated by various businesses including Australian Vegans, the Fussy Vegan app, Herbidoor, author Kathy DivineKoala EcoLarrykin Dog TreatsPBNutrition, Treat Yo Self, vEEF by Fenn Foods, Vegan Grocery Store, author and vegan chef Zacchary Bird and more! Anyone who signs up and registers before November 1, 2021 has the chance to win the giveaways through Vegan Easy and Vegan Australia’s socials. Those who complete the end-of-Challenge survey also have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes, including artisan chocolates from Nestar and personal/home care from Its Oil Good.

Meet our inspirational November Challenge Ambassadors:

Liz Douglas – Vegan Diaries
Zacchary Bird – Vegan Junkfood and The Vegan Butcher
Dr. Despina Handolias – Vegan Oncologist
Gabrielle Scollay – Sustainably Gabrielle
Izzi Batt-Doyle – Olympic runner
Tully – Tully’z Kitchen
Nadia Fragnito – The Vegan Italian Kitchen

Excitingly, we have also teamed up with abillion – a free social impact app – to help increase the November Challenge’s positive influence. On abillion, you can review vegan dishes and products, share social posts with your community, and find vegan restaurants near you. Each review generates USD $1 that you can donate to one of their global impact partners, including Animal Liberation Victoria.

In conjunction with abillion’s 90/90 Challenge, November Vegan Easy Challengers can help abillion donate $1 million by 2022. All you have to do is share reviews on their app with the hashtag #veganeasychallenge. You can also follow the Vegan Easy account on abillion! In addition, they will be kindly giving away one x $50 Vegan Grocery Store voucher per week in November to Challengers who create 7 reviews or posts in a week, related to their Challenge experience, and using the hashtag #veganeasychallenge; the more reviews/posts shared in abillion the higher the chances of winning. Simply download the abillion app and join in the fun!?

Prizes To Be Won

Giveaways galore! Throughout October and November, check in on Vegan Easy and Vegan Australia’s socials for the chance to win exceptional giveaways worth more than $2,400!

  • Fussy Vegan app
    50 x app downloads
    25 iOS codes (Apple) $19.99 ea, 25 android codes $17.99 ea
    Value $949.50
  • Treat Yo Self
    5 x vegan ice cream prize packs (each containing 1 x 520ml tub of each of their 5 vegan flavours)
    Value $323.75
  • Herbidoor
    2 x $100 gift vouchers for delicious Vegan Australia Certified meals delivered to your door
    Value $200
  • PBNutrition
    10 x A3 size Nutrition Chart fridge magnets
    Value $200
  • Vegan Grocery Store
    2 x 3 month Vegan Mystery Box subscriptions
    Value $200
  • Larrykin Dog Treats
    Assorted vegan flavours (Christmas cookies, Noochymite, Peanutbutter, Applemint, Banana, Roast Pumpkin)
    Value $150
  • Koala Eco
    1 x Starter Collection (for US residents only), $70 (USD50)
    2 x Best Seller Collection, $72.56 each
    Value $215.12
  • NEW cookbook by Zacchary Bird
    1 x ‘The Vegan Butcher’ (signed copy)
    Value $65
  • Australian Vegans and Kathy Divine
    2 x packs of the latest edition of Australian Vegan Journal and a book authored by Kathy Divine
    Value $60
  • vEEF by Fenn Foods
    3 x packs of artisan products, including vEEF Artisan Pulled “Beef”, vEEF Artisan Pulled “Pork”, vEEF Artisan Pulled “Lamb”
    3 x packs of signature products, including vEEF Signature Butter “Chicken”, vEEF Signature “Meatballs” in Tomato Sauce, vEEF Signature “Meatloaf” in BBQ Glaze
    1 x pack of vEEF “Bacon” Bits
    Value $50

End of Challenge Prize

Registered participants of the November Vegan Easy Challenge who successfully complete the Challenge as vegan for the full 30 days can go in the running to win a wonderful gift pack after submitting their end of Challenge survey form. The prize pack includes:

  • Its Oil Good
    1 x gift voucher for Australian-made, natural personal care and home products
    Value $200
  • Nestar
    Artisan vegan chocolates
    Value $150
  • Humble Jumble Foods
    3 x Cookie mix
    4 x Pancake mix
    3 x Brownie mix
    1 x Apron
    1 x Bag
    Value $128.40


The November Challenge is proudly brought to you by:


Special thanks to our socially good partner abillion:

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Our many thanks to all the wonderful businesses supporting the November Challenge:

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