Vegan Easter Recipes

Enjoy a compassionate Easter with family and friends with a 100% plant-based menu. From morning tea delectables and Easter egg hunts to side dishes, mains and desserts, we have 17 vegan recipes for you to choose from. Select as many recipes as you like from each category to make it a kind Easter.



Savor a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee with traditional hot cross buns, chai tea cake or make some fun bunny pancakes for the kids.

Fruity Hot Cross Buns

Fill your home with the aroma of freshly baked, fruity hot cross buns.

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Spelt Hot Cross Buns

Easy to make hot cross buns using wholewheat spelt flour and vegan yogurt.

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Chai Tea Spice Cake

A perfect morning tea accompaniment.

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Bunny Pancakes

Make your kids' day this Easter with these cute funny bunny pancakes.

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If you’re holding an Easter egg hunt there are a variety of vegan chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies available at local supermarkets, vegan grocery stores and online. Or if you’re feeling adventurous you can make your own Easter chocolates.

Raw Caramel Filled Chocolates

Try these caramel filled Easter chocolates.

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Add color to your Easter spread with any of these appetizing side dishes.

Potato and Veg Salad with Dijon Mustard & Dill Dressing

A herby potato salad with a delicious Dijon mustard and dill dressing.

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Chickpea and Blueberry Salad

A fresh and flavourful salad drizzled with a tahini maple dressing.

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Sweet Potato Lentil Soup

A nourishing soup made with simple ingredients and quite easy to prepare.

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Pea Mint & Coriander Soup

Full of fresh and vibrant flavors this pea soup will surely impress your guests.

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Choose from the following mouth-watering dishes.

Vegan Pastitio (Baked Pasta with TVP Mince)

A traditional baked pasta dish made with thick spaghetti, juicy vegan mince and creamy b├ęchamel sauce, a classic in Greek cuisine.

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Mince Shepherd's Pie

A hearty and satisfying shepherd's pie for all the family to enjoy.

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Beetroot and Tofu Quiche

No eggs needed to make this quiche! It's packed with goodness from the beetroot, red cabbage and tofu.

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Polpette With Pomodoro Sauce (Italian Vegan Meatballs)

Deliciously meaty vegan balls made from walnuts covered in a rich tomato sauce. Serve with your favorite pasta.

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Any of these flavorful desserts will please your family’s taste buds.

Earl Grey and Vanilla Bundt Cake

A beautifully elegant cake infused with Earl Grey tea.

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Semolina Raspberry Mini Cakes

These mini cakes are light and fluffy bursting with raspberry goodness and a dash of lemony flavor.

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Biscoff Cookie Truffles

Super quick to make and a scrumptious treat to share.

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Lemon Cake

A simple and moist lemon cake made with just 7 ingredients.

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Happy Easter! We hope you enjoy these recipes for a benevolent Vegan Easy Easter celebration with your loved ones.

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