I’m a vegan private chef and recipe writer from Melbourne who spends my spare time trying to make jokes on the internet. I currently cook for private clients, teach classes and can usually be found somewhere at a vegan festival somewhere in Australia.

I’ve operated a pop up ice-cream shop, worked with brands to introduce their vegan products, brought veganism to many kitchens and had my recipes shared around the world. I’m into indulgent food that looks and tastes like it shouldn’t be vegan, just to prove we can.

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11 Recipes by Zacchary

Fablova (Vegan Pavlova)

"Pavlova is an Australian and Kiwi classic comprising a silky-soft filling and meringue-like crust, topped with whipped cream and fruit that's perfect for Christmas. If your experience of vegan pavlova has been a brick of meringue hidden under coconut cream, you've been wronged and you must try this truer-to-life version instead." Recipe extracted from Vegan Junk Food by Zacchary Bird.

Guinness Pie

"In this pie, the usual chewy, gravy-laden meat goo gets spiked with a good swig of stout, which is then encased in flaky pastry like an edible flask. Use stock made from mushroom stock powder, rehydrated shiitakes or a mix of fresh mushrooms, or even the steaming water from Faux gras [pg 221]. Select a medley of different mushrooms to make up the 200g for more complex flavour." Recipe extracted from pg 244 of Zacchary's new book, The Vegan Butcher.

Banana Peel Char Siu Bao

"It's hard to laugh at someone slipping on a banana peel once you discover they make a great shredded meat substitute. Now it just seems wasteful. Make this recipe alongside the Smoked shallot caviar from The Vegan Butcher  as the leftover shallots are perfect to mix in with the bao filling for a low-waste combo." Recipe extracted from pg 194 of Zacchary's new book, The Vegan Butcher.

Bhaji Burgers


"This combination of spiced onion bhaji, chilli and lime slaw and mango chutney is tantalising just as long as nobody points out it sort of looks like a spider trying to crawl out of the burger. Quick, eat it before it escapes!" ~ Zac. Recipe extracted from the Vegan Junk Food cookbook by Zacchary Bird.

Vegan Tzatziki Mayonnaise

This Tzatziki Mayonnaise is the best ever. It's better than one made with plant-based yoghurt! Try it and you will no doubt agree. Recipe by Zacchary Bird from his first book, Vegan Junk Food.

Battered Mushroom ‘Calamari’

"The hardest part of this whole dish is maintaining eye contact while calling it 'calamari' as you serve it up. It's not exactly like calamari, but only because it's way better with perfectly meaty oyster mushrooms and much easier to catch than squid." Recipe extracted from Vegan Junk Food by Zacchary Bird.

Beetroot Steak

These bad boys are really quick to make from start to finish, and if you've got a couple of ingredients that most vegan kitchens already have in their arsenal, means that you don't need to rush out to grab any hard to find ingredients! Recipe by guest blogger Zacchary Bird.

CFC Drumsticks


These look just like the real thing, even when you bite into them, with their crunchy outer skins, stringy insides and cauliflower bones!

Vegan Okonomiyaki


This can be made as a snack or full meal, and is best served with okonomiyaki sauce and vegan Japanese mayonnaise for the full flavour profile. You can vary this recipe as you please, as okonomo roughly translates to 'what you like', so the different inclusions and variations are endless! Recipe from Zacchary Bird's cookbook, Vegan Junk Food.

Copycat Nutella

If your go to Nutella alternative leaves you feeling calorie starved, and you want the real deal, calories and all... then this recipe is for you!