Dealing with Cravings

The first thing to remember is that cravings are not a sign of a nutritional deficiency. Whether you are craving animal products or vegan foods, it is usually your mind's way of finding a familiar comfort, especially if you are feeling emotional.

Thankfully, most of the common cravings we experience are already vegan. Even if they aren’t, it’s so easy to alter them! When it comes to variety and the availability of vegan alternatives, we are spoiled for choice. Not only are there so many different vegan products on the market, they are often sold at standard supermarkets and there are many different brands to suit everyone’s palate. It is always possible to come up with a vegan substitute with a little careful thought and preparation.

Alternatives to common non-vegan staples like…

  • Chicken noodle soup can be made with vegan chicken stock powder.
  • Meats can easily be replaced with vegan meats, tofu or tempeh.
  • Creamy, cheesy sauces can be made from coconut milk, soy cheese, nut based sauces, nutritional yeast or speciality products.
  • Dairy-based chocolate can be swapped out for any number of delicious vegan chocolates (coconut milk makes for a very natural milk chocolate flavour).

Don’t forget to look at online vegan stores. The convenience of online shopping and home delivery means speciality foods that may be in hard-to-get-to places are available with just the click of a mouse.

If none of it is helping, take a trip to a farm animal sanctuary and remind yourself of why you became vegan.

Watch a documentary or read a book about animal rights. Go to a protest or join an animal rights group and help out for a day. Reminding yourself of the reasons you choose not to eat animals may help you control your cravings.

If you are concerned that your cravings are stemming from inadequate nutrition, you can visit your GP for a quick blood test to put yourself at ease.

In difficult times it may help to remember that your pregnancy and cravings are only a temporary state that will pass.