Vegan Mentors


Hi, I’m Kirstie and I have interests including vegan permaculture, hiking and trail running.

I have also had an interest in health and nutrition and animal welfare for most of my life.

I was vegetarian for many years before becoming vegan, however it wasn’t until 3 years ago when I had a health concern, that I decided to research the possibility of a Vegan Whole Food Plant Based Diet.

This came about when I stumbled upon Dr Michael Greger’s wonderful book ‘How Not To Die’. I was on holidays at the time and had a whole month to read, research, shop and test out recipes in our rental apartment kitchen.

Prior to this, I had actually not thought it would be possible to be healthy without eating some types of animal foods or taking a number of supplements. I had all the usual concerns like “but where do you get your protein from?” and “what about your calcium if you don’t eat dairy?”, or “so what do you eat?”, which I now find amusing rather than annoying! What I also found is there are so many wonderful resources available in books, podcasts and online.

Once I started the journey, I never looked back. I had never felt healthier. My health concern started to slowly get better, my skin cleared, my sleep improved and I was left with such an abundance of energy that I started trail running which is now another passion.

Transitioning to an ethical vegan lifestyle has also provided challenges along the way when purchasing foods, shoes, clothing, body products, etc. However, again, there are many wonderful resources online and many companies are now open to answering questions about what ingredients they use in their products. Animal rights is a very important issue to me and I believe we can all live in a much kinder world.

Vegan Australia is doing wonderful work by endorsing products as vegan so you know that the research has already been done and you can purchase products with confidence.

I was lucky enough to commence and continue this journey with my family. Over the years we have supported and encouraged each other, and I realise not everyone will have this support.

I am really looking forward to meeting, supporting and encouraging anyone who is curious and thinking about veganism as a possible journey for them; the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge is an amazing way to get started!