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Homemade Vegan Chocolate Bark


Natural, dairy-free chocolate bark that's easy to make at home, using cacao butter, cocoa powder, maple-roasted cashews and pepitas, and other healthy ingredients. A wholesome, crunchy, chocolatey snack that everyone can enjoy. For a nut free version, replace the cashews nuts with sunflower seeds.

Decadent Chocolate Truffle Dessert

A very rich and versatile chocolatey dessert that can be used as a filling for truffles, a spread, ganache filling or topping, or simply melt it and pour over fresh fruit sprinkled with crushed nuts. Divine! You could also multiply the recipe and pour it into sterilised jars to give as decadent Christmas gifts. The photo shows the Chocolate Truffle Dessert used as a spread sandwiched between vegan cookies, and as small truffle balls coated with shredded coconut, crushed pumpkin seeds and dusted with cocoa powder. Recipe by Jenny McCracken from Compassion Cooks.

Homemade Chocolate Heart Melts with Cardamom

Experience delicious homemade chocolates in the shapes of little hearts that melt in your mouth with the divine flavour of cardamom. Recipe is based on ElaVegan's 'How to Make Chocolate'.

Chocolate Crackles with Goji Berries

A fun treat with the added benefits of antioxidants from the goji berries.

Chocolate Pecan Banana Ice Cream

One of the best, guilt-free ice creams around. Made with frozen bananas, chocolate vegan protein powder and pecans with their sweet nutty flavour.

Protein Chocolate Soy Crackles with Goji Berries

A chocolatey, crispy treat packed with protein as well as Vitamins C, A, and antioxidants from the goji berries.

Choc Maca Fudge Bites


These chocolatey, soft, chewy energy bites are the perfect, healthy grab 'n go snack that will also satisfy your sweet tooth without any sugar.

Biscoff Cookie Truffles

A scrumptious treat that will satisfy all your sweet cravings and is super quick to make! Recipe by Eden.

Chocolate Mousse ‘Magnum-style’ Ice Cream

The filling for these divine magnum-like ice creams is refined sugar free, dipped in a deluxe vegan white chocolate (so technically not completely refined sugar free, only a little bit).?  Recipe by Jade.

Baked Chocolate Pandan Donuts

Just what you need in life - fluffy aromatic pandan chocolate donuts "to make your life ‘hole’!" as Joanne says. ?