Vegan Cheese that Doesn’t Suck

Published 13 February 2017

There is good vegan cheese out there and bad vegan cheese. Let’s talk about the good stuff.

Giving up cheese is hard, guys. Cheese is addictive (literally), and until relatively recently, plant-based cheese options were…awful. Let’s be real. They did not taste like cheese. But in the decade since I kicked dairy to the curb, vegan cheese has changed. Today, there are vegan cheeses out there that are just as tasty as their dairy-based counterparts, no animal cruelty required.

I’ve been vegan for a long time, and I. Love. Cheese. Vegan food is just food, and like all food, there are good and bad options out there. As a cheese-lover, I’ve tried many—good and bad—over the years. These are the vegan cheeses that are me-tested and omnivore approved. I’ve served these to friends who eat dairy cheese, including my mother, who is French, and picky toddlers who devour them. If that’s not rigorous testing, I don’t know what is.

Follow Your Heart Gouda Slices are a great everyday vegan cheese option.

Follow Your Heart Gouda Slices are a great everyday vegan cheese option.

Everyday Vegan Cheese to Buy

Eating vegan doesn’t have to be expensive, and these delicious vegan cheese options prove it. These are vegan cheeses that cost $6 or less for a package, and they’re the ones that we keep in the fridge for everyday stuff like grilled cheese sandwiches.

Daiya Farmhouse Blocks – If you’ve tried Daiya shreds and disliked them, I encourage you to give the Farmhouse Blocks a try. They don’t have that “Daiya” taste that some people find unpleasant. My son loves the Farmhouse Cheddar, and I’m a big fan of the Jalapeño Havarti. It looks like they also do a Gouda block, which I am now officially on the hunt for!

Follow Your Heart Slices – Follow Your Heart makes a few slices options, and they are amazing. I am a huge fan of the Gouda, and they also make great Provolone, Pepperjack and Mozzarella, along with a few that I haven’t found at local stores here in Atlanta. Their blocks are good, but the slices are a cut above, in my opinion.

Field Roast Chao – Chao is a traditional, Vietnamese fermented tofu, and it’s what gives Field Roast cheese their well-rounded flavor. My favorite is the Creamy Original. If spicy food is your jam, try the Tomato Cayenne, and if you are a coconut lover, the Coconut Herb is also amazing.

Pure Abundance Pan Cheese is hands-down my favorite vegan cheese out there right now.

Pure Abundance Pan Cheese is hands-down my favorite vegan cheese out there right now.

Fancy Vegan Cheese to Buy

Nut-based vegan cheese are pricier, but you get what you pay for. If you’re putting together a fancy cheese plate, these are the cheeses to spring for. These range from $7-$12 in price.

Miyko’s Creamery – Miyoko Schinner is sort of the godmother of artisan vegan cheese. Her line of fermented, nut-based cheeses is vast, and I’m yet to try one that I haven’t loved. She also makes a palm oil-free vegan butter that’s available at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

Pure Abundance – Allison Wunderland Dabbs is an Atlanta-based vegan cheese-maker who creates one of my all-time favorite vegan cheeses. Her Pan (pictured above) is a sliceable, fermented cashew cheese covered in flavorful herbs and perfect for crackers. If you like a more delicate flavor, the Luna (pictured at the very top of the page) is bright, rich and creamy. You can purchase both on her website.

Treeline Spreads – These cheesy spreads are creamy perfection. Perfect for spreading onto crackers or your favorite sandwich. Treeline also makes blocks which I’m hearing good buzz about but haven’t been able to find here yet.

Kite Hill – These soft fresh cheeses are perfect for slicing. Kite Hill also makes a ricotta that is perfect for any recipe calling for dairy-based ricotta cheese. You can also find Kite Hill ravioli stuffed with their cheeses plush veggies and herbs. Recommended!

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