Join World Vegan Burger Day on Friday 28 May

Published 26 May 2021

This World Vegan Burger Day show the world that vegan burgers are not only delicious and versatile but also better for animals and the environment.

It’s easy to join:

1 Just eat a vegan burger,

2 Take your best photo and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

3 Tag #worldveganburgerday.

Sign up to the World Vegan Burger Day Facebook event and post your creations there. Don’t forget to invite your friends. And if you miss the day, just do it later.

You can either make a burger yourself or buy from one of the many burger places now selling delicious vegan burgers.

If you are making it yourself, the “recipe” is easy:

  • vegan burger bun
  • vegan burger
  • vegan cheese
  • sauce
  • tomato
  • lettuce
  • extras

You can make your own style by adding extras like beetroot, avocado, fried onions, fried mushrooms, pickles, vegan mayonnaise, mustard or anything else you fancy.

Don’t forget the rules of World Vegan Burger Day: 1. Eat, 2. Post. 3. Tag. Too easy!

World Vegan Burger Day is brought to you by the partners of Vegan World AllianceVegan Easy and BE Vegan.


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