Embrace Veganism, the Gentle Way

Published 18 August 2021

If you are drawn to be vegan but feel overwhelmed, ease into veganism by embracing a gentle approach.

above: Siobhan of It’s Oil Good at Liberation Sanctuary. Photo by Shannon Jacobs


About two percent of the population – approximately 500,000 Australians – are vegan, as reported by Vegan Australia. Common reasons for choosing to be vegan include health, environmental sustainability, and a wish to be kinder to animals.

It’s easier than ever to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, owing to the plethora of available vegan products and online resources.

Vegan Easy invites you to make an easy transition with the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge, hundreds of recipes, guidelines for planning meals and eating out, shopping guides, and much more. If you feel inspired to be vegan but want to take a gentle approach, the following ideas may be of help.


Make Food Preparation Fun

Photo by Ella Olsson

Some vegans spend their first year relying on basics such as salads, sautéed vegetables, hummus, and pasta. Although making veganism easy is vital for those wishing to make a long-term commitment, setting aside a little time every week for experimentation is key.

You don’t have to make sophisticated dishes to learn how to prepare delicious meals. Set yourself easy targets – for instance, try out one new vegan ingredient (think tofu, vegan mince, or seitan) to prepare your Sunday lunch, focusing on simple recipes that take between 15 minutes and half an hour to prepare.

Take advantage of the wide range of online resources available – including shopping guides, which will enlighten you on the ingredients you need to keep in your pantry and your fridge. Meanwhile, prepping vegetables (cutting them and storing them in the fridge) will enable you to make quick salads and snacks when you’re pressed for time.

Joining the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge is a great way to experience your first steps in a supportive and knowledgeable environment. The daily emails will guide and challenge you along your journey while the online support group can open up a new circle of friends with a common goal and compassionate mindset.


Integrate Your New Lifestyle With Your Favourite Hobbies

If you enjoy creative pursuits such as decorating your home and taking part in creative activities such as painting, there are many ways to make veganism part of these hobbies.

If you’re thinking of revitalising your interiors, for instance, consider purchasing items ranging from vegan chairs right through to cushions and small décor items. There are a bevy of vegan leather furniture pieces in a wide array of colours that will fill your home with vibrancy.

If you are undertaking a larger home renovation or construction project, this is the perfect time to incorporate vegan elements into your design – for instance, by using mycelium (a product made from mushrooms that is used for insulation inside walls and for facade cladding, which is a kinder and more earth friendly alternative to sheep’s wool.

You may not have all the answers yet, but gentle veganism embraces the idea that ‘little by little’ is the path forward for those wishing to stay motivated and committed in the long-term.


Celebrate the Beauty of Nature

Being vegan is the best way to care for and protect the environment, so celebrate your new, kinder lifestyle by spending time in the Great Outdoors as often as you can.

Ideas for vegans who wish to strengthen their relationship with nature include camping, hiking, meditation, outdoor yoga, and outdoor painting – all of which can help reduce stress and boost your happiness and wellbeing.

When purchasing materials for artwork, do a little research to discover the many companies making excellent vegan art supplies such as acrylic paint, canvas, charcoal, crayons, oil paint, oil pastels, palette paper, and more. Do use what you already have but set up a list of suppliers for future material needs.


Live Kindly

Starting on the road to veganism means embarking on a healthier, happier lifestyle; one in which you don’t need to scrimp on flavour and variety.

Ease your way into it slowly but surely, trying out various recipes and availing yourself of available information on everything from meal planning to shopping. Incorporate veganism into more than your food choices  by relying on vegan materials and products for your home and hobbies and by celebrating the beauty of the planet you are helping to save.


Article by Cassandra Ellen for Vegan Easy.

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